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Event Info
Prize Pool $15,000
Started N/A
Location Online
Tier Minor
November 21 - December 19, 2018

Rivalry Rising Stars is an inter-regional CS:GO event with a $15 000 prize pool, featuring 16 teams from the EU and CIS regions. In the first stage the teams will be separated into 4 groups, only the top 2 in each group will go on to the playoffs.

The events will be streamed on the eFLgg (EN) and UCCleague (RU) twitch channels. The English stream will host a special guest caster, Mark Hunt who alongside being an MMA fighter and a competitor in the UFC is also a Counter-Strike fan.

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Any losses on your first bet on TI9 (no combo/parlay allowed) will be automatically refunded (up to $25).

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