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Results for MDL Changsha Major - China

Event Info
Prize Pool $1,000,000
Started N/A
Location Changsha, CN
Tier Major
May 14 - May 20, 2018

The MDL Changsha Major featured a Chinese heavy line-up of teams (5/12) with a full group stage and double elimination playoff bracket to ensure the best teams took home DPC points. The twelve teams were split into two groups of six, where they played a bo2 round robin. Last place in the groups meant elimination while first place seeded you directly into the second round of the upper bracket. Vega Squadron and Infamous were eliminated in the group stage, with previous GESC:Thailand winners VGJ.Storm and Epicenter XL Major winners PSG.LGD meeting in the finals. VGJ may have beaten LGD in the group stage, but LGD came to the finals ready to dominate. They picked 14 unique heroes across their three games, solidly winning every single match and only repeating one hero pick (Jakiro) in the series. With their recent performances, LGD is making sure that China is looking strong as we head into what is supposed to be their year at The International.

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