Once again we're here to provide you CS Summit Betting Tips, a smaller but unique LAN event serves as a side-show for one of the premiere tournaments in the scene: this time it’s the third event by Beyond the Summit, a fun and loose atmosphere coupled with a very skill-testing format, featuring best-of-three matches all the way until the final and a double-elimination bracket. In many ways, this is perhaps the toughest gauntlet to run for the participants to date: eight exciting pretenders will be gathering in the Summit House to prove their worth, ranging from unlikely major playoff participants to the sharks of the DreamHack Open circuit.

compLexity vs OpTic Gaming

The tournament opens with a clash between two teams that failed to live up to recent expectations: much like other teams that overperformed at recent majors, compLexity have not yet managed to make a mark at any of the events they’ve been invited to on the back of their unlikely top eight finish in London – similarly, OpTic Gaming’s latest all-Danish roster needs to show more than their semi-final run at the recent StarSeries event to make up for their other disappointing LAN performances since the end of the player break.

Still, if that very tournament is anything to go by, the European side should be better prepared for this tussle. Their recent record also justifies the optimism: the two teams had a few meetings this summer in various tier 2 events and OpTic posted convincing wins at both DreamHack Open Summer (Nuke, 16-5) and Austin (Nuke, 16-6 and Inferno, 16-9) over the North American side. Are the 1.51 odds too good to be true for a Danish win? It may very well be one of the more reliable bets to make on this event.

NRG vs Ghost Gaming

It remains to be seen whether the NRG/Ghost duel will turn into some sort of domestic rivalry in the future with Ghost’s limited footprint due to steel’s well-publicized ban from Valve-sanctioned event, but it will certainly be interesting to see how the 28-year-old Canadian’s side will stack up to one of the rising teams of the region: NRG have posted impressive results since they’ve narrowly missed out on the major, winning IEM Shanghai outright and making it to the semis of both ESL One New York and StarSeries Season 5 back-to-back, with only a disappointing showing at DreamHack Masters Stockholm being a black mark on their recent performances.

In some circles, their top four placings are considered disappointing due to how thoroughly they tend to fold against top-tier opposition at the business end of the tournament, but if anything, this highlights the inherent strength of the roster. As impressive as Ghost can occasionally be, it’s really difficult to imagine them succeed in a best-of-three series over daps and his merry men, a fact that is certainly reflected by the teams’ respective odds.

NRG at StarSeries iLeague

BIG vs G2 Esports

Next up, it’s BIG against G2, two inconsistent European sides skating on various degrees of past glories. With kennyS and shox hovering around a career low recently in terms of personal performances, the French side has been fairly toothless in their recent outings. While BIG certainly put themselves on the radar with a few deep runs at prestigious tournaments like ESL One Cologne and the FACEIT London major, they are surprisingly selective with their event selection, perhaps due to a lack of direct invites. Their quarter-final defeat to ENCE at the StarSeries was a bit of a disappointment but they definitely have the advantage on form – needless to say, the battle of the big green guns featuring kennyS and smooya could very well decide the outcome of this one.

Team Kinguin vs Heroic

The clash between Team Kinguin and Heroic will round out the opening series of matches, and it’s one between two sides that regularly make it to the business end of tier 2 LAN events as of late – and yet, oddly enough, we’ve only got a few direct match-ups to look at between them. Shockingly, the Scandinavians have swept the board so far: they’ve won both a group stage best-of-one and a grand final best-of-three against the Poles on their turf at Games Clash Masters at the end of this September and posted a 2-0 win in the group stage of Copenhagen Games against them on the way to a second-place finish in March. You can also find a few online meetings and qualifiers stretching back all the way to 2017, a time when both teams featured fairly different rosters, but it doesn’t change the fact that Kinguin has not yet managed to record a win over this particular outfit.

Could this be about to change? TaZ’s men are clearly on the rise as of late, with the ex-IGL of Virtus.pro on quite the renaissance since the end of the player break. The Poles surprised everyone with their runner-up performance at ZOTAC Cup Masters, which they’ve followed up with a win at DreamHack Open Montreal and a second place at the aforementioned Games Clash Masters event. This is perhaps the most difficult one to call out of all the opening matches: Heroic are known bastions of inconsistency, but their smashing head-to-head record – which, lest we forget, includes a recent double win over Kinguin – makes them worthy favorites with odds of 1.51 on their victory.

Kinguin at FACEIT Major

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