To kick off our partnership with Fnatic, we sat down and talked with EternalEnVy about his past year playing in SEA! He spoke about how the time has changed how he thinks about Dota, confessed that he's really just a late game fan boy, and went into how he mentally approaches the idea of winning the Aegis.

  • 0:47 - Why do you think people watch Dota?
  • 1:21 - Transition from owning NP to playing on Fnatic
  • 3:18 - How has SEA changed how you think about Dota?
  • 5:20 - What region would you play in if you could?
  • 6:35 - How are your SEA fans?
  • 8:35 - What do you think a team needs to succeed?
  • 10:30 - Why are Fnatic games so long?
  • 12:23 - "I'm a late game fanboy"
  • 13:50 - Are you thinking about the Aegis?
  • 15:25 - Universe already has one Aegis - what happens if you win?
  • 16:45 - "My goal is to do the best I can do, my goal isn't even to win TI anymore"
  • 18:15 - Shoutouts

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