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Aug 10, 2018

We are really excited to announce a new partnership with Lacoste with our first piece of content from him!

His passion for Dota 2 combined with years of experience and high level of play makes him the perfect person to deliver regular drafting analysis videos - starting out with a look at Game 2 of EG vs VGJ.Storm from the Winner’s Finals at The Summit 9.

  • 0:40 - Drow Strat
  • 1:00 - First Round Bans
  • 2:15 - First Round Picks
  • 4:30 - Second Round Bans
  • 8:15 - Second Round Picks
  • 11:40 - Finals Bans
  • 12:35 - Final Picks

Want to see how the game went? Check out the replay from BeyondTheSummit!

Want to see more? Lacoste's Corner Episode 2 is up!

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