Here at TI8 we had the pleasure of meeting SEA casters who are behind the famous lakad matatag voice lines everyone loves so much.

Voice lines are currently a 1205 Battle Pass level reward, which puts them as the rarest of Chat Wheel lines, the so called "Epic Caster Pack"!

  • Lakad Matataaag! Normalin, Normalin.
  • Oyoy oy oy, oy, oy, oy, oy, oy!
  • Easiest money of my life!
  • Echo Slamma Jamma!
  • The next level play!

Lakad Matatag Meaning

So what in the hell does it mean? The rough translations:

  • Lakad = Walk
  • Matatag = Tough, strong, steady
  • Normalin = To do a normal/basic attack

So basically...walk strong and right click them!

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