Tfue's Contract Leaked?

A blast article released earlier today leaking what could be the public's first look at Turner "Tfue" Tenney's hotly contested contract. Tfue is one of the more popular Fortnite personalities and streamers, with competitive success, highly viewed content, and a high potential for very lucrative partnerships. He recently filed a complaint against FaZe claiming that the organization was exploiting him, breaking California law, and taking up to 80% of his income. The full complaint can be found here.

FaZe owner Banks publicly refuted these numbers, insisting that FaZe had made almost nothing from Tfue, with an official statement indicating that FaZe had collected a total of $60,000 from Tfue and touched none of his tournament winnings.

If this contract is legitimate, it shows that FaZe claims 20% of any tournament prize pools, 50% of any in game item sales, 50% of any sponsorships that the gamer brings in on their own, and 80% of any deals that FaZe arranged. Gamer branded merchandising deals get negotiated as they happen, Tfue branded FaZe merchandise is a 20% cut to Tfue, appearance fees are split 50/50, and Tfue makes $2000/month from FaZe, with a 25% increase/decrease possible every 6 months.

For a little bit of context, CSGO players are making monthly salaries in the five digits - with a video confirming that FaZe CSGO players (in 2018) are looking at $40K/month. Typical agents (who are properly licensed) that bring deals to their clients take about 10% of the deal. FaZe is taking 80% according to this contract, if it is accurate. With opinions and statements flying left and right from all sides, some skepticism is healthy here - but an 80% cut is steep in any industry.

We fortunately recorded our latest Rivalry Cooldown RIGHT when the initial Tfue complaint news was launched - head to 49:30 to hear our discussion of the situation and some of the issues FaZe could be facing.

Banks has stated that they plan to release Tfue from his contract, but it may be too late for FaZe to save any face.

Rather than gamers "FaZeing Up" - it may be time for them to Lawyer Up.