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Nov 28, 2018

We took a new angle on Artifact and talked to the once Dota pro about what playing the game has been like, what he expects from the competitive scene, and some of his favorite decks to play!

  • 0:55 - Artifact Elevator Pitch
  • 1:40 - How much similarity is there to Dota?
  • 2:45 - Does Dota knowledge help?
  • 4:30 - Who will be playing at the big 1 mil tournament?
  • 6:20 - Early access won't make anyone into pros
  • 8:15 - How much do you have to focus to play?
  • 10:50 - What do you think about the economy/card buying?
  • 13:30 - How are you playing/what are your current strategies?
  • 15:00 - How many hours do you have in Dota?
  • 16:30 - DemonArtifact coming soon(TM)?

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