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Jan 10, 2018

Time to take a look at some of the best League of Legends pentakills from the 2017 summer season.

Pentakills in professional play are becoming increasingly rare, making it even more exciting when a player is able to erase the entire enemy team and completely change the outcome of a game.

Let's check out the top 5 pentakills from the League of Legends 2017 summer season.

  • #5 - Game 1 of the EU LCS summer playoff quarterfinals between Misfits and Unicorns of Love
  • #4 - Week 3 in NA LCS between Team Dignitas and Phoenix1
  • #3 - Game 4 of a Bo5 from the semi-finals of of a NA tournament between Phoenix1 and Gold Coin United
  • #2 - Chiefs vs Dire Wolves
  • #1 - Team WE vs Invictus Gaming in game 2 of the 3rd place match of the LPL Summer Playoffs

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