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Sep 27, 2018

So when is the next CS:GO Major? We know now it'll be in Poland, Katowice under the Intel Extreme Masters banner, organized by ESL. It will take place between February 14th 2019 and the 3rd of March and the playoffs will be played in the infamous Spodek.

The tournament will feature almost exactly the same format as the FACEIT London Major with the top eight teams from the previous event automatically returning to the second Swiss stage dubbed the “New Legends Stage”. However, the New Challengers Stage will only feature six of the teams that made it into the second Swiss round in London as the teams with an 0-3 record are no longer re-invited, having to go through the Minor system instead. This means that neither mousesports or Team Winstrike are guaranteed to return to Katowice.

Consequently, the next CS:GO Major’s ten remaining participants will all come through the minors, with the top two of each region bolstered by two third-placed teams facing off in a separate inter-regional qualifier.

Hope that helps everyone out there asking "when is the next CS:GO Major?" and you're now able to plan well ahead for the next Major, we hope to see you there. GLHF!

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