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League of Legends Betting - Bet on League of Legends Matches

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Your Home for League of Legends Betting

Welcome to Rivalry, the most trusted site for League of Legends betting online. Join the thousands of other LoL fans who are already putting Rivalry hot chili sauce on their favorite esports matches and start wagering REAL MONEY on the world’s most popular and intense esport. Bet on all of the major tournaments right here with total peace of mind.

We are the first site made for fans by fans. As League of Legends geeks, we know everything you’re looking for in an esports betting site: instant deposits, fast payouts, your favorite teams, and great bonuses. We’ve put it all here into one site.

At peak hours there are over 7.5 million players competing on LoL. This crazy following has developed communities that are heavily into the pro scene. Pair that passion with a few bets, and you have yourself a very  INTENSE and THRILLING experience. It’s time for you to become a part of the action!

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time and you just want to bet a few bucks on the game you love or if you’re a seasoned pro looking for high stakes action, Rivalry gives you all the action of a major platform with the customer service of dedicated fans.

Stop wasting time and losing money with skins and start betting real cash on the web’s most trusted platform.

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Get Ready for the Exciting Esports Action

Are you looking to get in on the game that packed Madison Square Garden? Do you want to start spicing up the world’s most exciting esport? League of Legends betting online is growing at ludicrous speeds and 2017 was the hottest year yet.

There’s no better place to get it on it than Rivalry. Aside from our range of betting options, tight security, and fast, secure payouts, we are the perfect place for newcomers to get their feet wet. Visit our Rivalry Academy and learn tips on how to start winning more bets. Then, take your free $1.50 and go make your first bet like a pro.

Here’s how we do online esports betting like no one else:

  • You never have to worry about your money: We are a fully licensed and regulated site under the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. All debts are enforceable by law. We are also members of the Esports Integrity Coalition. As a leader in betting ethics, we have proven ourselves to be a site that exists to help fans, not exploit them.
  • You never have to worry about the government: These are uncertain times for many online gambling platforms, especially skins betting companies. As government regulation closes in, there’s no telling what the future holds. As a fully licensed and regulated sportsbook, we are 100% compliant with the law. All betting here is 100% legal.
  • You get access to awesome new betting options: Most platforms offer basic LoL betting options. Not us. We aren’t a sportsbook that just happens to offer League of Legends betting, we are an online-gaming betting platform that specializes in esports, including League of Legends. That means more betting options, more tournaments, and more chances for you to make money. We’ve just added 1st blood, 1st tower, and exciting new in-game betting options for best-of-3 format matches!
  • Rivalry Academy: New to esports betting? As fans ourselves, we know how daunting it can be. We want even the first-time bettor with 0 experience to enjoy LoL. That’s why we started Rivalry Academy. This first-of-its-kind resource gives tips from beginner level all the way to advanced pro. Just enroll and you’ll start winning more money.
  • Stop waiting for your money: Is there anything worse than sitting around waiting for deposits to clear when all you want to do is play? What about winning your first big bet and having to jump through hoops to get your cash? Not here. We have a range of easy payment options, instant deposits, and fast cashouts so the money is in your hand faster.
  • Amazing customer support: We’ll say it again: we are a site for fans by fans. We want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible. Aside from our comprehensive FAQs, we offer amazing customer support. If you have any questions or need help with anything, contact us right away.

League of Legends Betting Online: One of 2017’s Hottest Esports

When we say the action is jaw-dropping, we mean it. In 2017 alone, 152 League of Legends tournaments awarded over $12,000,000 in prize money to over 1600 professional players. That’s insane! All of that action packs stadiums around the world and draws millions of sets of eyes from around the web to watch all of the heart-pumping matches.

You know what that means, right? More chances for you to win money along with your favorite teams. The more action in the game, the more betting action across the web. With over a hundred Champions to choose from, nuanced in-game strategy, and dozens of different components factoring into the end result, there is more room for an informed bettor to make money on the margins than just about any other eSport.

Do you have a knack for:


The most skilled LoL bettors research each matchup in-depth, including team history, player status, tournament outcomes and more. Since most gamblers are just normal gamblers and not skilled LoL fans (or players themselves), knowing the history of each team and how to evaluate the key parameters gives you a big edge over the general player.

In-Game Pattern Recognition?

League of Legends is one of the most skilled, detailed, and action-packed games in history. There’s a reason that at peak hours there are over 7 million concurrent players getting in on the action. It’s important to pay attention to the lineups that each team chooses. Certain Champions are almost useless against others, and knowing this could come in handy. Recognizing team preferences, team skills, and other in-game patterns will give you a massive edge over the average gambler.


Betting is about the odds. The lines we offer (if you don’t know what these are, see below) don’t come from our personal opinions. They are a reflection of the betting public. If you are good at creating your own odds based on a multitude of factors and adjusting the odds in your head, you can achieve an advantage over the other bettors out there. If you’re good with numbers and betting lines, you can make a lot of money.

Money Management?

The best gamblers know when it’s time to quit, but they also know when they’ve spotted a bet they can’t pass up. Learning how to manage your bets and notice a betting line that provides high value is a key skill to becoming a profitable League of Legends gambler. Don’t worry, there is a ton of action going on all the time, so you’ll never be short on options.

Pro Tip: Do you want the biggest edge that all the pros use? Go back and watch past tournaments and analyze the in-game footage. This will instantly put you ahead of the majority of gamblers out there. How did each team fare? What did they do during the game? Did they learn how to adjust to their opponents? Did they do everything right and just get unlucky or did the other team stomp them? Also, keep in mind how they perform under pressure when big money is on the line!

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League of Legends Betting FAQ

How Does League of Legends Betting Work?

The most common method of betting is called decimal odds, and it’s what we use here at Rivalry. Basically, decimal odds are the odds of a certain outcome happening (a win or a loss) expressed as a decimal. So if a team is 1.5 odds to win and you bet $1, you will be paid out $1.50. Rivalry also offers in-game betting options such as 1st kill, 1st, tower and more. If one of these in-game events occurs, you will also be paid. Futures betting including winners of tournaments is also offered.

Is betting on League of Legends Legal?

Yes, betting on your favorite esports matches, including LoL, at Rivalry is 100% legal. We are licensed and regulated under the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

How Can I Deposit?

We offer a range of depositing options, some of which are instant. MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Bitcoin, Skrill, Alipay and dozens more.

Is it Easy to Place a Wager?

Yes, it’s laughably easy if you ask us. Just go to Matches, click the team you want to bet on, and click PLACE WAGER. Best of luck!

Wait, What is League of Legends Anyway?

If you got this far without even knowing what LoL is, then kudos to you. LoL is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena made by Riot Games. In it, two teams battle 5-on-5 to destroy the other team’s “Nexus.” What makes it so interesting is that there are over 100 different playable Champions (characters) to choose from. The amount of skill and detail in the game makes it perfect for online betting.

Are you ready to spice up the matches you already love to watch and make them more exciting to digest? It’s time you signed up for the premier League of Legends betting platform online. Your first $1.50 is on the house! Sign Up today and get in on all of the action!

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