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Saturday, April 27th 2019

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Join the thousands of Overwatch fans already trying their luck in the online betting world’s best-kept secret—the Overwatch gambling scene. With tons of in-game variables, a hefty helping of discipline, and a whole lot of skill, the world’s best bettors have a huge edge that can help them win big.

The best part about placing bets on one of Blizzard’s newest titles? You can get WAY ahead of the curve!

Unlike other esports with established circuits and clear heavy favorites, the Overwatch scene is WIDE OPEN. Now is the time to get in on all of the action. As one of the web’s most trusted platforms, Rivalry is a 100% safe, regulated, and reputable site where fans of all esports games come to wager safety.

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Online Overwatch Betting: Join the Ultimate Online Betting Experience

Overwatch is one of the most action-packed games in all of esports. In less than two years, it has gone from an obscure game built from the scraps of a Blizzard project to one of the world’s most exciting esports experiences.

Out of all the esports games to bet a few bucks on, Overwatch is one of the best. It might not have the major money tournaments like some competitors, but for what it lacks in fame, it makes up in big-money potential.

Here’s why you HAVE TO get in on the action before it’s too late:

  • Only one thing is for certain: NOTHING IS CERTAIN: In some games, it’s easy to predict who will win, and this leads to static betting lines and little margin for profit. Not Overwatch. Anyone who’s ever watched a game knows that anything can happen. Sure, skill wins in the long run, but with best of 1 tournaments, there’s always a long list of Cinderella's making epic runs to the Final Four and beyond. The fast pace, volatile format and complexity of team composition leave plenty of room for underdogs to surprise, and that means big earning potential for savvy bettors.
  • One mistake and it’s OVER (watch!): Ever bet on a tournament and get no excitement out of it? As fans of all the major esports, we know exactly how you feel. We are betting because we are trying to spice things, but even the spiciest Rivalry chili sauce can’t make up for a game where the fate of one team is sealed from the beginning. In Overwatch, just one mistake can end even the biggest favorite’s chances, and this leads to edge-of-your-seat action through the entire contest. You get hours of entertainment for just a few dollars. Hard to beat that!
  • Tons of in-game variables: Just like other online battle games, Overwatch’s 6-v-6 format, first-person game mode, and different game types lead to a bunch of in-game variables. The more details there are, the more things there are for a savvy bettor to analyze. That equals out to more opportunities for you to gain an edge on the betting public.
  • Overwatch is not overcrowded (yet!): Dota, CS:GO, and the other major esports games offer a lot of great betting action, but Overwatch is still the Wild West in terms of online betting. With only two years on the market, the strategy (and the pros) haven’t caught up yet. That means there is a ton of opportunity waiting to be had. It’s a great place for new online bettors to get their feet wet.
  • Non-Stop Action: With 6 players on each team, tons of in-team strategy, 21 in-depth characters each fighting it out in a number of categories, and differing objectives, there’s no shortage of heart-pumping action. Whether it ends in elation or heartbreak, you know you’ll have a great time!

How Does Overwatch Betting Work?

In case you aren’t familiar, Overwatch is a 6-v-6 game where each team battles for supremacy of a map using any of 21 different characters.

As we mentioned before, the betting market isn’t as mature for Overwatch yet, so the advantage for you is more unfettered action with exciting results. As of now, you can bet on the winner of a map, and you can even pick the winner of a tournament.

What are betting odds?

At Rivalry, we express betting odds as a decimal. For example, if Team A at 1.5 odds is going up against Team B at 3.0 odds, and you bet $1 on Team A, then you stand to win $1.50.

As an esports book, we use odds to reflect the likelihood of a certain outcome. The higher the decimal odds, the less likely a team is to win (and the more money you stand to win if you deftly spot a mislabeled underdog).

Overwatching Betting Tips

Like other esports, savvy bettors can make big money gambling online against the general betting public. And it isn’t that hard. As big fans of Overwatch ourselves, we’ve seen pros beat the odds time and time again to make big money. There’s a reason that the same people keep winning, and it has nothing to do with luck.

New to the game and don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips to start winning more money on your bets.

Just remember this: gaining an edge against the masses IS NOT hard in Overwatch. It’s probably the easiest of any esport. Here’s what to do:

  • Reddit is your friend: Follow teams and players on the game’s subreddit and listen to what respected names have to say. Learn how to spot what is clearly promoted rhetoric and what is level-headed analysis. If anything, just use the sub as a place to follow news and get insight before the general public does.
  • Understand team rankings: Since competitive leagues aren’t nearly as well formulated as other sports yet, competitive rankings can be volatile. However, they are a good place to go to test the odds. If you see some odds that don’t sit right with your intuition, check competitive rankings and how they’ve changed recently.
  • Understand team dynamics: Not only do you need to know the rankings of teams, you need to understand how they fit together. How well do they work under pressure? Which characters do they prefer? Do they do well without home court advantage? Follow your favorite teams on YouTube and try to spot up-and-coming teams first. Odds are not nearly as accurate in this game as they are in others, so there’s a chance to make big money!
  • Follow tournaments: You can find all of the results here at Rivalry. If you follow tournament results closely and then analyze each team’s performance, you can get unrivaled insight. Outwork your opponents if you want to crush them!
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Your Trusted Overwatch Online Betting Platform

We set out to create a sports betting platform that fans didn’t have to worry about. Before we started, we yearned for a place to enjoy our favorite titles with our friends without worrying about losing all of our money to scams. Rivalry was born.

We do esports betting differently than most:

  • 100% Legal: We are fully licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.
  • 100% Safe: All debts are enforceable by law, and we are strictly compliant with all rules and regulations.
  • Cash rules everything around us: Rather than waste your time with skins, we use real cash. Cash is not only 100% legal but it allows us to make your deposits available instantly and to pay you faster.
  • Rivalry Academy: New to esports betting? No worries. Our Rivalry Academy is the first of its kind and teaches you everything you need to know to start having fun and making money on your favorite games.
  • We’ve got Rivalry chili sauce: We don’t call our games extra spicy for no reason. We’ve got all of the hottest action for you to spice up the games you already love. Pour it all over Overwatch and watch it heat up!

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