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VCT Americas

Jun 22 - Jul 21st, 2024
Los Angeles, USA

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Valorant is Riot Games' second most popular title after League of Legends. A first-person shooter rivaling Counter-Strike 2, Valorant is a hotspot for esports bettors, with top-tier competitions on an annual professional circuit, aka the Valorant Champions Tour. 

The VCT Americas league is one of four professional leagues in the Valorant Champions Tour, showcasing the top teams and talented players from North and South America. VCT Americas Stage 1 ended on May 12, 2024, as 100 Thieves emerged victorious. Eyes are now turning towards VCT Americas Stage 2, which begins on June 22, after VCT Masters Shanghai.

To spice up your VCT viewing, why not look at Rivalry's Valorant betting odds? Keep reading for our comprehensive VCT Americas betting guide, including our favorite teams, betting bonuses, wager tips, and live Valorant odds at the top of the page. 

VCT Americas betting

VCT Americas: Format

All international leagues in the Valorant Champions Tour, including VCT China and VCT Americas, follow the same format for Stage 1 and 2. Eleven teams are competing, with ten established and franchised teams and one new team joining from Ascension 2023. 

Stages 1 and 2 are separated by international events featuring only the best Valorant teams from each league. These are called Masters (with two events in between each seasonal split) and Champions, which round out the whole competitive season. VCT Americas team Sentinels won VCT Masters Madrid in March while Masters Shanghai will be held in mid-May. 

Group Stage

The 11 teams are split into two groups: Alpha with five teams and Omega with six. They engage in cross-group matches until each team has faced all opponents from the opposing group. Following this, inter-group matches take place. Matches are best-of-three, and the top six teams proceed to the Playoffs.


During the Playoffs, a hybrid-elimination format is adopted, comprising six teams. The initial Knockout Round adheres to a single-elimination structure. At the same time, the Upper Bracket Semifinals and subsequent stages implement a double-elimination system.

All matches, excluding the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final, are best-of-three. The Grand Final and Lower Bracket Final are both best-of-five. No prize money is awarded in any VCT international leagues, but top teams vie for crucial VCT points.

VCT Americas gets four slots at VCT Champions 2024 in Seoul, three based on their Stage 2 performance and one team with the most VCT Americas circuit points from the entire year.

VCT Americas 2024: Schedule

  • VCT 2024: Americas Kickoff: February 16 - March 3 (1st - Sentinels, 2nd - LOUD)
  • VCT 2024: Masters Madrid: March 14 - 24 (1st - Sentinels, 2nd - Gen.G Esports)
  • VCT 2024: Americas Stage 1: April 6, May 12 (1st - 100 Thieves, 2nd - G2 Esports)
  • VCT 2024: Masters Shanghai: May 23 - June 9 (TBD)
  • VCT 2024: Americas Stage 2: June 22 - July 21 (TBD)
  • VALORANT Champions 2024: August 1 - 25 (TBD)

VCT Americas 2024 teams

VCT Americas: Teams

The Valorant Champions Tour stars 11 franchised Valorant squads for the second consecutive year that VCT Americas has been established. As already mentioned, ten of these teams are partnered with professional esports organizations, while G2 Esports earned its slot by winning Ascension 2023. 

Here are all 11 teams participating in VCT Americas 2024, including their complete player rosters by their in-game IDs. 

  • Sentinels: zekken, Sacy, TenZ, johnqt, Zellsis
  • LOUD: Less, Saadhak, cauanzin, tuyz, qck
  • Evil Geniuses: jawgemo, Apoth, Derrek, NaturE, supamen
  • NRG: crashies, Victory, Demon1, Ethan, Marved
  • G2 Esports: JonahP, trent, valyn, leaf, icy
  • MIBR: Jzz, frz, RgLM, mazin, artzin
  • Cloud9: Xeppaa, OXY, vanity, moose, runi
  • KRÜ Esports: Klaus, Melser, keznit, Shyy, heat
  • Leviatán: kiNgg, Mazino, aspas, tex, c0m
  • 100 Thieves: Asuna, bang, Cryocells, eeiu, Boostio
  • FURIA Esports: Khalil, mwzera, kon4n, havoc, Nozwerr

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Valorant betting markets for VCT Americas

Valorant Betting Markets

Rivalry uses decimal odds to indicate the likelihood of specific outcomes, such as a team winning a match or map. For instance, if Sentinels are listed at odds of 1.5x, you could win 1.5 times your original bet if they emerge victorious! If you're still unsure about how to interpret various esports odds, you can check out this Rivalry Academy article.

For all our available Valorant betting markets, we continue to offer the best Valorant odds in the business, whether it's Masters, Champions, or the regular season for each international league. 

  • Match Winner: Valorant Champions Tour matches during the regular season are usually played as best-of-three series (Bo3) or best-of-five (Bo5). This means that the esports games usually span across several maps, i.e., Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, etc. As such, you can pick the winner of each individual map so you could have Senintels down to win Maps 1 and 3, with LOUD winning the 2nd Map. 
  • Map Winner: Exactly what it sounds like! You can bet on the winning team of an overall matchup. The lower the odds, the more likely that team is to win, whereas higher odds mean they're more of an underdog and unlikely to win in the 1v1. 
  • Handicaps: Handicap bets even out the playing field between the underdogs and the more-favored team. For example, if you bet on LOUD with -1.5 maps, they'll have to win the series 2-0 for your bet to win. If you choose an underdog like MIBR, they'll only need to win one map. 
  • Totals: Totals in Valorant betting refers to how many rounds it takes to win a match. Those who play Valorant know how grueling it is, as the first team to reach 13 won rounds wins the game. 

Sentinels won VCT Americas KICK/OFF and VCT Masters Madrid in 2024.

VCT Americas: Favorite Teams

VCT Americas produces top-tier talent and exciting gameplay, perfect for your esports bets. Eleven teams participating in this Tier-1 competitive platform, but only one can emerge as the best of the rest. 

Here are Rivalry's best teams to watch in VCT Americas 2024. 


As the winners of VCT Masters MadridSentinels is a team to watch in 2024 and beyond and one of the most popular teams in all esports. While their performance faltered in VCT Americas Stage 1, and they won't be making it to VCT Masters Shanghai, they will surely come back bigger and better than ever in VCT Americas Stage 2. 

100 Thieves

100 Thieves emerged victorious in VCT Americas Stage 1, snagging three VCT Americas circuit points and securing their slot in VCT Masters Shanghai. They have a strong roster of Asuna, bang, Cryocells, eeiu, and Boostio, who are hungry for more wins. 

G2 Esports

While they may be an unknown entity compared to the more established VCT teams, G2 Esports have proven they can go toe-to-toe with the greats after coming second in VCT Americas Stage 1. 


Leviatán is a dark horse in VCT Americas, sometimes coming out on top and sometimes faltering. For 2024, they acquired current world champions Evil Geniuses player c0m and the best Duellist player in the world, aspas, from LOUD. Their revitalized roster has become a big talking point, which will surely boost their performance to new heights. 

aspas playing for VCT Americas team Leviatán in 2024.

VCT Americas: Tips & Strategies for Betting

Whether you're a newbie to the esports betting life or a die-hard follower of all VCT events, Rivalry is 100% the place to be all Valorant gambling, featuring the best esports odds across the board for most events in the Valorant esports scene. 

When embarking on any new betting venture, there are some key tips and tricks you can utilize to manage your money effectively and win some big cash money straight into your bank account! 

Play the game

Since Valorant is a free-to-play FPS by Riot Games, nothing stops you from downloading the game and experiencing it firsthand to get the upper hand when wagering. While in play, you can learn all the meta agents, the current map pool, and the best team compositions. This will help you make more informed decisions, especially during the drafting phase of matches. 


Doing your VCT Americas homework is a one-stop shop for getting an edge over other VCT bettors. Research the match histories of all teams, watch previous matches, and stay updated with player interviews, community discussions, and esports news. This can provide insider information on team dynamics and current form. 

Follow pundits

Esports pundits on Twitch or social media will divulge their expert opinions on VCT. They may offer opinions or insights you may have not considered when you bet on Valorant. Our Valorant odds will also offer obvious ideas on who may win or lose a matchup. 

Budget your bankroll! 

This may seem standard practice, but it's the golden rule for all betting. Always plan a strict budget for your betting session and stick to it. 

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of betting, but it's important to keep an eye on your wallet, too! You can set self-exclusion limits or contact our customer support team, who can walk you through the process.

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VCT Americas odds

FAQs: VCT Americas and Valorant Champions Tour Betting

Is betting on VCT Americas and Valorant Champions Tour legal? 

Valorant betting on Rivalry is 100% legitimate and safe. All bets placed here fully comply with local laws. Rivalry operates under full licenses and regulations from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC)

Where can I watch live VCT Americas games? 

All VCT Americas matches will be live-streamed on the official Valorant Americas Twitch and YouTube channels. There are also separate Twitch and YouTube streams for Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as separate Twitch and YouTube streams for Spanish-speaking regions

Does Rivalry offer any bonuses for betting on VCT Americas? 

We offer all new users a free welcome bonus to dip their toes in the glorious world of esports betting. Bookmark the promotions page, as we always provide new bonuses and promotions! 

Can I bet on VCT Americas from my smartphone? 

Rivalry's website boasts full mobile compatibility, offering a smooth user experience and a range of features, allowing you to engage in Valorant betting, provided you've got a stable and secure Internet connection. Plus, we've got not one but two mobile apps just for you: one for Apple users in Ontario and another for Android users in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Ontario. Start your betting journey today with Rivalry today!

What is the prize pool for VCT Americas? 

While VCT Americas has no confirmed prize pool, the teams compete for VCT points. In August, the VCT Americas team with the most points will automatically qualify for VCT Champions.