What is QUEST?

QUEST is a new way for you to earn even more rewards while you bet on your favorite teams! Complete quests to earn XP, level up your account, compete within your community, and earn real prizes, including massive cash bonuses!

quest meter

1. Complete Quests

You will always have 3 different quests to work on, worth various amounts of XP (Experience Points). Complete the quest tasks by betting in different ways on, but hurry! You will only have so long to complete each quest!

level up

2. Gain XP & Level Up

Placing bets and completing quests will give you XP. You will get a lot more XP from completing quests. Once you earn enough XP, you will gain an account level! Keep completing quests to keep levelling up!


3. Compete For Real Money

Compete against other players to win cash! Check out our contests page to get in on the competitive action!


What do I have to do to join QUEST?
Nothing! All players are already opted in to QUEST. If you want to compete against other players for cash prizes, check out our Contests page.
How do I level up?
You level up by completing quests. Check your quest log in the main menu for objectives to complete. When you complete a quest, you will receive XP based on how hard the quest was. Earn enough XP and you will level up!
Does it cost me anything to participate in QUEST?
Nope! QUEST is all about extra bonuses that enhance the core Rivalry betting experience. It is completely optional to participate and it will not affect any bets you have already made.
How do I give feedback?
We would love to hear what you think. To send us feedback, you can send us feedback here.
Where can I find my quests?
You can find your quests in your Quest Log by clicking on your portrait in the main menu.
What happens if one of my quests expires?
If a quest expires, you will not be able to complete it, even if you have made progress. Try to complete those quests before they expire!
I followed a quest objective but didn’t get credit towards my quest. Why?
Some quests require you to place bets above certain odds or require you to bet a certain amount. Be sure to read the quest objectives carefully. If you still think you should have received credit but didn’t, contact support.