Rules & FAQ

1 Pick match winners

To get started you'll need to make your picks. We'll provide you with a list of matches and you pick who you think will win. It's as easy as that!

2 Lock in your entry

Once you've made your selections, double check to make sure you've got all the teams you want. After you submit your ticket you won't be able to make any changes. This is your last chance! Everything look good? Lock in your picks and submit!

3 Verify your identity

In order to be eligible to qualify for the leaderboard and win cash prizes we'll need you to prove you're a real person and verify your identity. Make sure to complete this step so you can collect your winnings!

4 Watch the matches and track your results

Watch the matches and check in on your picksheet to see how you're doing throughout the contest. Once you've racked up a few wins go check the leaderboard to see how you're doing!

5 Get paid

We'll give away real money prizes in every contest we run. If you win enough matches in a week and finish above the cash line, we'll credit your winnings to your account!

Thunderdome FAQ

Can I withdrawal if I win?

Yes! If you are from a region we support you will be able to withdrawal the money to your Rivalry account and withdrawal it or place bets. If you’re from a region we don’t support you will be able to withdrawal it directly.

Is this available in my country?

Absolutely! Thunderdome is available globally which means everybody is welcome to play, GLHF!

Can I edit my picks?

Unfortunately not. Once you have submitted your ticket to the contest, you will be unable to change or edit your picks. If you made a mistake don’t worry, a new contest will start soon!

How do I win the jackpot?

By getting all your picks correct! If multiple people have perfect scores they will share the jackpot.

Why do I need to verify?

In order to comply with the rules set out by our regulator, we'll need you to prove you’re a real person in order to play Thunderdome.

How do bonus picks work?

If you invite a friend to Rivalry and they join and play a Thunderdome contest, you’ll receive a BONUS PICK which you can use anytime. A bonus pick will allow you to make 1 extra pick and will give you an extra life if one of your picks is wrong!

Hey I won some Rivalry Rewards! Where are they? What can I do with them?

Head to your Thunderdome Winnings page, from here you will have different options depending where you live. If you're in a region we support you will be able to convert the funds directly to your Rivalry player account. If you're from a region we don't support your only option will be to withdrawal the funds (option coming very soon!)

Want to know more about Thunderdome? Read up on the Terms and Conditions or Contact Support.

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