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Mar 7, 2020

The world #4 side was given a good game by their domestic rivals as the ex-NiP veterans pushed Fnatic to overtime on two maps before falling way short on Overpass in the decider.

A blast from the past

It still remains to be seen whether Dignitas can hang with the big boys as a whole, but they certainly gave a good account of themselves here, with a double overtime win on Vertigo and a huge comeback on Inferno despite only winning 4 rounds on the CT side, pushing Fnatic to their limits on one of their best maps in the current pool. Though Golden's troops rallied to a 4-0 win in extra time, it was quite touch-and-go earlier as they couldn't find their footing on the defense in regulation.

That said, Overpass was a bloodbath, with Fnatic taking a clean sweep on the CT side. Though they failed to secure the 16-0 dream and lost their first gun round as well, a force-buy in round 19 was enough to give them the win and to qualify for the Europe Minor. With this loss, Dignitas falls to the lower bracket, one series away from qualification.

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