General Rules

The general settlement rules set out here are subject to modification at any time at our sole discretion.

Where any matter is not covered by these rules Rivalry reserves the right to make a decision on an individual basis and on the basis of equity.

Final Authority

Rivalry records shall be the final authority in determining the validity and terms of any tickets accepted and the circumstances in which they were made.

Betting Deadlines

Pre-match tickets can be accepted up to the time indicated, which may not correspond to the start time of the event. Rivalry reserves the right to void any ticket placed after the deadline indicated, including owing to content timing errors or revised start times.

If a ticket, for whatever reasons, is accepted after the start of a betting event meaning the ticket is not placed in good faith then Rivalry reserves the right to void. Rivalry will endeavour to inform users of any specific tickets that are voided.

Market Listing

In esports nearly all matches are at a neutral venue. The team listed on the left will be the team with the favored odds.

In the event that there is a designated home team advantage the designated home team appears on the left hand side and the designated away team appears on the right hand side. In situations where the event is played at a venue different to that listed, all tickets on the event may be considered void.

Price/Time Changes

Rivalry reserves the right to change the prices (Odds) on offer at any time as well as suspend or close betting on events before the scheduled start time.

Data Errors

Rivalry reserves the right to refuse to accept any ticket without notification, justification or compensation. Rivalry shall in no way be held liable for typing, transmission, display, publishing, betting information or odds errors. If any pre-match ticket is accepted in error, Rivalry reserves the right to void that bet where there were obvious errors concerning the entry of odds and/or results, e.g. a mistaken inversion of teams, odds, results, etc.

Technical Errors

Rivalry reserves the right to suspend odds during an event due to failed transmission or other technical related issues or if fraud is suspected. Rivalry reserves the right to cancel tickets even subsequently if any such ticket was won by the customer as a result of a technical fault or error, inclusive of but not limited to an error or fault in transmission. In any such case tickets will be voided. Nevertheless, Rivalry reserves the right to hold a customer liable for any damage caused to or suffered by us as a result of such customer knowingly taking advantage of a technical or administrative error when making and/or receiving payments.

Abandonment, Cancellations & Postponements

Any match, event or competition which is abandoned, cancelled or postponed prior to the full statutory game regulation, will be considered void.

In the event a player disconnects from a match, an admin win is granted or a team forfeits (officially or unofficially) within the first 10 minutes of a given map, all bets will be voided. If a player disconnects, admin win is granted or forfeit (official or unofficial) happens after the 10 minute mark, all bets will have action and will be graded in accordance with the Bet Settlements section of these Betting Rules.

Outright Markets

Outright markets are considered All In Run Or Not and therefore will be settled as a loss if the selection does not take part in the event. Dead Heat rules apply.

Unless stated otherwise, whenever the organising association deems it fit to include any necessary rounds, matches, or series of matches (e.g. Play-offs, Play-outs, Postseason) following the end of the so-called Regular Season in order to determine the classification, league winners, promotion/relegation, etc., Rivalry will take into account the results and outcomes deriving from these matches for settlement purposes of tickets referring to the final league classification, promotion, relegation, etc. For example, seasonal bets on the team winning the Summer NA LCSwill refer to the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs winner.

All tickets are settled on the basis of the award ceremony or the competition's official score- sheet, without taking into consideration the results of any subsequent investigations or disqualifications.

Related Contingencies

A related contingency is a parlay bet where the outcome of one selection can contribute to the outcome of another selection, e.g. a two outcome parlay containing EnVy Us to win the Dreamhack Winter Semi-Final combined with EnVy Us to win the Dreamhack Winter tournament outright.

Rivalry reserves the right to determine which bets have related contingency.

Rivalry does not accept parlay tickets which have related contingency and reserves the right to void, at its discretion, any parlay tickets placed on related contingencies. Bet combinations with related contingencies will be automatically blocked and unavailable to place in a parlay during regular bet placement. In instances where a ticket containing related contingencies has been accepted in error Rivalry will completely void the ticket and return the stake.

In certain instances, Rivalry will make available combinations of related contingencies for customers to place bets on, e.g. Faker to win Worlds MVP and SK Telecom T1 to win the World Championship.

Dead Heat Rule

In the event of at least two competitors being declared the winner (a Dead Heat), the number of paying places remaining after clear winners are settled is divided by the number of players sharing those places. The odds for the selection are then multiplied by this number.

e.g. In a competition with 5 paying places the top two players are settled while four players share third place. Since there are only three remaining paying places for these four players, the place odds for each player are multiplied by 0.75.

Push Rule (2-way Markets)

In the event of a two competitor market resulting in a draw, a tie or exactly the number of quoted goals, points or runs and no price is offered for this conclusion the outcome is a Push. In this situation the resolution of single bets is to return stakes and for parlay tickets the selection is considered a non-runner and ticket will be settled on the outstanding selections.

Head to Head & 3-way Markets

  • At least one competitor must finish the event or all tickets are considered void
  • If one or more competitor(s) fail to start all tickets are considered void
  • If all competitors are disqualified or otherwise excluded all tickets are considered void
  • If both competitors in a head to head achieve the same result and no draw odds are offered then all tickets are considered void. In cases with 3 competitors , where 2 competitors or more achieve the same result then the tickets are considered void

Odd/Even Markets

Unless otherwise stated, total counts of zero will be settled as Even


In instances where a parlay ticket includes a non-runner or a void selection, the ticket will be settled on the remaining selections. Odds on the void selection will be set to 1.00.


All tickets will be settled at the odds on offer when the bet was placed.

Roster/Lineup Changes

Unless otherwise stated all bets will stand as they were accepted, regardless of any roster or lineup changes that may occur prior to the match.

Incorrect Spelling/Team Names

If a player or team’s name is misspelled, all wagers will have action as long as it’s still clear which match the wagers are on. This also includes if a team or player changes their name. The previous odds offered will still be used and bets will have action as long as it’s clear which game or match the wagers are on.

Incorrect Headers

Any game or match will have action regardless of what League/Season heading is used to classify it on the website. As long as the matchup between the two teams is correct the game/match all will stand as they were accepted, even if the League/Season header is incorrect.

Bet Settlements

Bets will be settled based on the official result declared by the relevant event operator of the specific match or event. In certain cases, bets may be settled based on the official broadcast from the event operator. If no broadcast was made available the statistics API will be used to settle the bets. In any case where there is ambiguity regarding the outcome the bookmakers decision will be final.