Chances are you or someone you know have been impacted by cancer in one way or another. The experience is excruciating not just for the patient but for surrounding family and friends. Some live. Some do not make it. For those that survive, life is never quite the same.

These conversations and experiences often take place behind closed doors. Few are brave enough to open up their personal lives to the public. Enter Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden, beloved Dota player, caster, and personality. She has been battling breast cancer since her diagnosis in May 2017. While treatments are going as well as expected, this is now a big part of her every day life.

She has been courageous enough to be open with her struggles, recently taking part in a video segment that was aired during TI8 on August 22nd.

It's moments like this, shared by fans, players, and everyone that makes up this scene we all love so much, that bring us together. Sharing these experiences gives us a few moments to step away from the game and think about life in a different way. We hope this video will help out those of you battling cancer or dealing with its impact on your life.

Her openness and bravery has inspired us help with the fight.

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Thank you Sheever.