How to Watch NFL in Canada Without Cable

So how do you watch NFL games in Canada without cable? Rivalry has you covered. Rivalry has entered into an agreement with the NFL to allow NFL fans in Canada to watch every single NFL game for free on their site.

You can stream NFL games and watch the NFL in Canada on Rivalry for free. All you need to do is register an account. If you are into NFL betting, you can place bets on the entire NFL season and each NFL game right on Rivalry, while watching!

How to Stream NFL Games

You do not need the NFL game pass, NFL redzone, NFL Sunday ticket, NFL network, or any paid service. You can watch NFL games in Canada without cable right here on

  1. Click Signup to begin making an account
  2. Complete your account registration (typically takes ~2 minutes)
  3. Watch NFL games for free

It really is that simple. As you navigate to NFL game pages on Rivalry, you'll see the live streams.

How can Rivalry Stream NFL Games in Canada - Is this legal?

Yep! Perfectly legal. Rivalry has entered into a licensing agreement with the NFL so that they can stream NFL games to Rivalry users, for free. You can watch every single game without paying a dollar. All you have to do is register an account.

Live Betting with Low Delay Stream = The Dream

Rivalry is thrilled to not only offer you the ability to watch NFL games for free. But you can also bet live while watching the games. The NFL game streams have very little delay so your live betting experience will be second to none. If you are an NFL bettor, you know the frustrations of watching markets close, open, and shift around in a way that makes no sense. This is often because the video feed you're watching has a significant delay. That's not the case here. We have very low delay streams for you!

What NFL games can I stream live on Rivalry?

We will have live NFL streams for:

  • Thursday Night Football games
  • Sunday Night Football
  • Monday Night Football (MNF)
  • And of course the rest of the games throughout Sunday

Do I need to pay for another service to watch NFL games in Canada without cable?

Nope! It's completely free to watch any NFL game. You do not need NFL game pass, NFL redzone, NFL Network, Apple TV, Android TV, NFL Sunday ticket, or any other services to watch the NFL in Canada. All you need to live stream NFL games is a free account on Rivalry!

Is this only available to people in Canada?

Yep. You must be in Canada (verified as you register an account) in order to stream NFL games on Rivalry.

Watch NFL streams online for free in Canada