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Games of the Future

Prize Pool
Feb 25 - Mar 2nd, 2024
Kazan, Russia

Games of the Future MLBB | Best Mobile Legends Odds & Tips

Games of the Future (GOF) is a rising star on the esports calendar, with the first-ever event held in February 2024 in the city of Kazan in Russia. The large-scale event featured several different niches in the sports and esports industry, one of which being Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Sixteen powerhouse teams competed, with a huge $1M prize pool at stake. While the 2024 MLBB Games of the Future are now over and done with, we can still turn our eyes toward future events they may hold. Read on for the full rundown of the event, the betting markets available, betting tips, and tons more!

MLBB Games of the Future

What is Games of the Future?

Games of the Future is a new multi-game tournament hosted in Kazan, Russia. This first-of-its-kind event is a fusion between the junctions of sports, science, and technology to act as the pinnacle of "phydigital" (physical + digital) sports worldwide.

Before Games of the Future, a series of competitions were run to test the host city's level of preparation before the large-scale event began. Here are some of the categories that were tested:

  • Phydigital Football
  • Phydigital Basketball
  • Phydigital Beat Saber
  • Phydigital MMA
  • Phydigital Hockey
  • Phydigital MOBA
  • Phydigital Skateboarding
  • Phydigital Tactical Combat

The first-ever international Games of the Future was hosted from February 21 to March 3, 2024. The competition featured around 2,000 participants and ran a series of 21 unique, innovative disciples, including DOTA 2 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

For a Tier-2 professional tournament, the MLBB Games of the Future competition boasted an impressive $1M prize pool, divved amongst all 16 competing teams. The lion's share, $350K, was awarded to the winners, AP.Bren.

AP.Bren won the first-ever MLBB Games of the Future event.

Games of the Future 2024 MLBB: Format

Now that we've established what the Games of the Future is, let's examine the specific format for the Mobile Legends aspect of the competition.

We'll update this guide if this format changes for next year's competition.

Group Stage (February 26 - 27)

  • The 16 competing teams were split into four groups of four teams competed in a modified GSL format
  • All matches were played in a best-of-three format
  • The top team from each group advance to the Playoffs Second Stage
  • The two runners-up advanced to the Playoffs First Stage
  • The bottom team from each group was eliminated through the elimination match

Playoffs (February 28 - March 2)

  • Twelve teams competed in a single-elimination bracket
  • All matches were Bo3, except the Grand Finale, which was Bo5

The final brackets for Games of the Future MLBB

Games of the Future 2024 MLBB: Teams

A grand total of 16 teams competed in Games of the Future 2024 in the MLBB event. Long-time professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans would recognize some powerhouse teams.

There were 13 invited teams, while the remaining three (RCC, Team Lilgun, and Deus Vult) earned their slots through a qualifying process.

Here are all the 16 teams that took part in the 2024 Games of the Future MLBB event.

  • Blacklist International
  • Team Lilgun
  • Deus Vult
  • Royal Cybersports Club (RCC)
  • RRQ Hoshi
  • KeepBest Gaming
  • ONIC Esports
  • AP.Bren
  • Team Flash
  • HomeBois
  • Twisted Minds
  • Burmese Ghouls
  • Niightmare Esports
  • Fire Flux Esports
  • S2G Esports

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Betting strategies for Games of the Future MLBB

Betting Tips for Games of the Future

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Bet on Games of the Future

Games of the Future FAQ

Who won Games of the Future MLBB?

AP.Bren clinched the maiden Games of the Future title ahead of ONIC in the Grand Final.

Will there be a Games of the Future event in 2025?

A second Games of the Future event has yet to be officially confirmed but seems highly likely. As a new event, it garnered tons of interest, with over 100 million views across all streaming platforms and social media.

Where can I watch Games of the Future online?

All Games of the Future 2024 MLBB games were broadcast on the official Games of the Future Twitch and YouTube channels.

Is betting on Games of the Future legal?

Games of the Future betting is available for most premium online sportsbooks like Rivalry. Our site is governed and licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the Esports Integrity Coalition.

Do you offer welcome bonuses for Games of the Future?

While not Games of the Future specific, we offer welcome bonuses for all new users. Make the most of it with your first deposit!