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INTZ eSports (CSGO)

Team Info
Founded 2015
Location Brazil
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INTZ e-Sports is a Brazilian organization founded in June of 2014, it quickly rose to the position of one of the flagship orgs in the South American competitive gaming scene.

Upcoming Matches

There are no upcoming matches that you can bet on for INTZ eSports right now.

Current Roster
Vito Giuseppe kNgV- Nao Tem Como
Captain | 2018-09-27-Present
Joao Vasconcellos felps Nao Tem Como
Marcelo Cespedes chelo Nao Tem Como
horvy INTZ e-Sports CS:GO João Horvath
Alexandre Zizi xand YeaH! Gaming
Alessandro Marcucci Apoka Nao Tem Como
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