Your Guide to All Pokemon Cats in the Pokedex

The beloved Pokémon franchise now features over 1,000 differently-designed Pokémon since its release in 1996, boasting cast numbers that games like LoL and DOTA can only dream of achieving with their playable characters.

While some Pokémon creatures are based on inanimate objects or are entirely fantastical, real-life animals are often the inspiration behind many Pokemon we see in the franchise.

These can be anything from dogs and snakes to fish and birds! Among the most popular base animals for Pokemon-inspo are cats, where the Pokémon Company incorporates our domesticated feline friends' natural agility, playfulness, and sharp features into cat-inspired pocket monsters.

If you want to create a feline army for your next Pokemon team, keep reading for the full list of cat Pokemon across every Generation.

How many cat Pokémon are there in total?

We've scoured Pokedex entries across all Pokémon games, starting at Game Boy's Pokémon Red to reaching Nintendo Switch's latest Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, to find every cat Pokémon in the franchise. We believe there are 30 cat Pokemon currently in the franchise. 

Here are all the details on every Pokémon from the "cat family," starting at Gen I. We've included their typing and a brief description.

All Cat Pokemon in Generation I

Meowth /Persian

  • Type: Normal

Meowth is the OG cat Pokémon and a huge fan-favorite, introduced to trainers in Generation I. In particular, Team Rocket's outspoken companion is a Meowth, skyrocketing this bipedal cat Pokémon to stardom with his sassy remarks and quips. Meowth is also the only Pokemon species to be given different regional forms, and it was introduced in later generations.

Meowth's design and moves are loosely based on the Japanese Maneki Neko charm, which is said to bring the holder monetary fortune and good luck. Ironically, Meowth has a coin embedded in its forehead and has a signature move called "Pay Day."

Persian is the iconic evolution of Meowth once they reach level 28, boasting the same beige coat and a shiny red gem on its forehead. Persian also appeared in the original Pokémon anime as part of Team Rocket leader Giovanni's original team.


  • Type: Psychic

Throughout Pokémon's existence, there have been many debates about whether or not Mew can be defined as a cat Pokemon. However, official sources from the Pokémon Company have confirmed that Mew is indeed inspired by felines. How could it not be, with its cat-like facial features, playful personality, long tail, and even its name!

All Cat Pokemon in Generation II


  • Type: Psychic

Eevee and all eight of its evolutions look like cat-dog-fox-rabbit hybrids. However, Espeon most closely resembles a cat with its pointed ears and athletic feline frame. Using its Psychic-type abilities, Espeon can read the future by analyzing air currents, similar to how cats can sense a storm on the horizon with their whiskers.


  • Type: Electric

Raikou, with its saber-toothed tiger appearance, resembles a big cat more closely than the domesticated feline friends we typically associate with. However, with its sharp claws and cat-like features, Raikou is a good example of a cat despite not being explicitly described as one by the Pokedex.

The other two compatriots of the Beast trio, Suicine and Enti, also have distinctly feline features, but Raikou more closely resembles a cat.

All Cat Pokemon in Generation III


  • Type: Normal

If you're looking for the cutest interpretation of a Pokemon cat, look no further than Skitty! This pastel-pink-colored kitty resembles a traditional anime neko with upturned eyes, tufted ears, and a puffy tail. In its Pokedex entry, Skitty is known to chase its own tail and becomes dizzy when doing so.

Delcatty is the delicate evolution of Skitty once it's been exposed to a Moon Stone. It maintains the same tufted ears but evolves into a more purple-ish hue with its fur coat. As a typical housecat, Delcatty loves sleep and doesn't care what time of day it decides to take its cat nap.

All Cat Pokemon in Generation IV


  • Type: Normal

Glameow resembles the typical caricature of a spoiled, haughty housecat. There's no denying it's membership of the cat variety, as its Pokedex entry is literally the "Catty Pokémon." When Glameow is happy and purring, its iconic spiral tail will flick like a dancing ribbon.

Purugly is the evolved form of Glameow at level 38. With its rotund physique, it resembles a cat that's had one too many cat treats.


  • Type: Electric

Although some Pokémon trainers may perceive Shinx as more of a mouse Pokémon, it defies this expectation. Its name and later evolutions, Luxio and Luxray, are clearly based on the wild cat Lynx, with the exceptional twist of having immense X-ray powers as an Electric-type.

All Cat Pokemon in Generation V


  • Type: Dark

Purrloin is an iconic cat Pokemon seen most recently in the Pokémon Series, Black & White. It definitely displays adept cat-burglar skills and a mischievous streak. Its Pokedex entry says Purrloin likes to steal, using a cute act to lure their victims in before pinching their items.

Liepard is the evolved form of Purrloin at level 20. It has traits similar to its predecessor, except for a slender, longer body. It has a complimentary color palette of yellow and purple, complete with a pink eye mask to showcase its devious personality and Dark-type moves.

All Cat Pokemon in Generation VI


  • Type: Psychic

Don't let the blank stare of Espurr fool you! Behind those wide purple eyes holds a great struggle as it attempts to keep its incredible psychic powers at bay. One of its Pokedex entries even says it can blast everything within 300 feet away, enough to send a wrestler flying! This bipedal, dopey-looking cat Pokemon represents the Scottish-Fold breed, with a grey coat and white accents.

Meowstic evolves from Espurr at level 25. What makes this Pokemon interesting is the apparent gender differences between female and male Meowstics. Females are mostly white with curled tips at the end of the ears, while males are dark blue with pointed ears.


  • Type: Fire/Normal

Litleo is the Lion Cub Pokemon with dual typing Fire/Normal. Based on the jungle's reigning king, Litleo, and its evolution, Pyroar lives in pride like lions. They both have strong fire-based moves, like Overheat and Incinerate, designed to burn down any threats in their path.

All Cat Pokemon in Generation VII


  • Type: Fire

While cat Pokémon are often considered cute and cuddly, Litten and its evolutionary line challenge this stereotype. To begin with, Litten is known in the Pokedex as the Fire Cat Pokémon and the fire starter Pokemon for Gen VII and is cute with a fiery personality.

Litten's final evolution, Incineroar, is a tall, buff, bipedal beast of a Pokemon that looks like a wrestler archetype. Surprisingly, it maintains its cat-like features, like the sharp claws, defined whispers, and pointed ears, but goes more down the route of tigers.

Alolan Meowth/Alolan Persian

  • Type: Dark

The Alola region holds two variants of the first-generation Meowth. Historically, Meowth was gifted to Alolan royalty and became the spoiled and selfish Alolan Meowth that's now commonly seen in the region.

Alolan Persian evolves from Alolan Meowth with high friendship. Like its first-generation counterpart, Alolan Persian has a gem on its forehead, except it's blue rather than the traditional red.

All Cat Pokemon in Generation VIII

Galarian Meowth/ Perrserker

  • Type: Steel

The final regional variant of Meowth is the Galarian Meowth, introduced in Gen VIII. This look is a far cry from the sleek appearance of the OG Meowth, as it takes on a distinct Viking-like appearance with a shaggy grey/brown coat. Its forehead coin is also black.

Galarian Meowth's body is partially iron, resulting in its Steel-typing. As a result of many brutal battles, Galarian Meowth develops the ability to evolve into Perrserker at level 28 instead of Persian. Its ears develop into a stereotypical horned Viking helmet, covering its eyes to incorporate Meowth's coin.

All Cat Pokemon in Generation IX


  • Type: Grass

Sprigatito is the second cat starter Pokemon after Litten and has stolen the hearts of Pokémon fans worldwide. It has a pale green fur coat, a leaf-like tail, and a distinct flower marking across its face, which shows its typing. Sprigatito's fur composition allows it to photosynthesize similarly to plants, absorbing sunlight for energy.

Final Thoughts

Those were all the cat Pokemon we think most closely resemble felines in the Pokedex! We may have missed some honorable mentions, like Umbreon or Nickitt in Gen VIII, but they slightly miss the mark as cats and look more like foxes.

Hopefully, in the future, we'll see more cats added to the Pokedex with unique typings that we haven't yet seen, like a Fairy-type, a Bug-type, or even a Ghost-type!