It was the misclick that shook Shanghai: the cruelest part of The International has to be the main event’s lower bracket first round where a best-of-one game is all the teams got to prove their worth. As such, it’s possibly the worst time to make an error as a team captain in your entire DOTA career. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Alliance’s Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi, leading to their elimination from TI9.

Take a look at this and weep:

Have you heard the roar of the crowd, followed by the casters’ surprised reaction? If that’s not enough, how about the laughter-cum-despair on the faces of the Alliance players? It was clear that something went wrong in the run-up to the 43-minute game which eventually ended in explosive fashion in RNG’s favor.

Insania confirmed in the post-game interview that it was indeed a misclick that led to them picking Gyro instead of banning it:

Of all the ways to go out at The International, perhaps this is the worst. Along Alliance, he first day of the main event saw Fnatic, Keen Gaming and Natus Vincere eliminated from TI9, joining NiP and Chaos who finished on the bottom of the groups earlier on in the event.