Alliance's undefeated streak with their new roster continues as they completed a reverse sweep from 2-0 down to Demon Slayers.

Four for four

The new Alliance roster bent but didn't break in the finals: they've lost their aura of invincibility though, losing their first game in the entire event to Demon Slayers in the final. A second one followed in only just 24 minutes, putting the underdogs on double championship point. However, Allience completed the reverse sweep in exciting fashion, taking home the lion's share of the $250 000 prize pool.

Of course, the ex-Alliance roster playing under the Team Liquid banner couldn't quite match the same feat, beating Deamon Slayers in the group stage but losing to them in the crucial lower bracket playoff match in fairly straightforward fashion.

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Next up, it's ESL One Hamburg before the DPC season begins in earnest. It will be fascinating to see how Alliance will cope with the increased pressure and whether we'll see Demon Slayers on a big stage again.