Astralis' sterling Nuke winstreak already came to an end at the hands of ENCE at BLAST Pro Madrid, but no one would have predicted that they would be eliminated from the ECS Season 7 finals off the back of two more losses on the very same map. This is how many rounds they gave up to the different opponents since Magisk joined the side and their phenomenal era began:

astralis round losses on nuke
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While the recent string of losses makes the headline for this one, it's worth pointing out how many of the Danes' wins came over top-tier opposition at important LAN events. Their domination over Liquid in the latter half of 2018 had a lot to do with their matchup on the map. The insistence of mousesports and NiP to challenge gla1ve and co. on Nuke makes pretty grim reading as well with the benefit of hindsight. Interestingly, not a single Nuke game went to overtime under Astralis' watch.

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