We are making it rain $30,000+ USD in free bets on Aviator!

Login to the Aviator chat, have fast fingers, and be one of the first to click claim as we rain down money every few minutes!


  • Friday August 18th @ 8 PM 🇵🇭 (noon UTC)
  • Saturday August 19th @ 8 PM 🇵🇭 (noon UTC)
  • Saturday August 19th @ 3 PM 🇧🇷 (6 PM UTC)
  • Sunday August 20th @ 3 PM 🇧🇷 (6 PM UTC)

How long will each event last?

About 4 hours.


This is available to anyone with a Rivalry account and in a jurisdiction where our Aviator game is available (sorry Canadians!).


Just be logged into your Rivalry account and in the Aviator Aviator chat.

How can I get Rivalry to give out more money?

By inviting your friends! The more people we have in the chat, the more money we're going to give out! Be sure to invite your slowest clicking friends so you can out click them to claim the free bets! :-D

How do I claim the free bets?

Every few minutes, free bets will pop up in the chat. If you're the first to click one of the claim buttons, the free bet is all yours!

Free bet Claim

How do I use my free bet?

  1. Click the ☰ icon top right
  2. Click Free Bets
  3. Select your free bet
  4. Click the green Bet button

Are there any restrictions?


  • You must use your free bet within 4 hours of claiming it. If you do not, it will disappear
  • You cannot cash out until the multiplier gets to 2.25x or above

To be able to participate you need:

  • A Rivalry account balance above 0
  • To have placed a bet on Aviator within the 30 minutes prior to each Free Bet drop

Terms of Service

If you're looking for more details, check out terms of service.



Good luck, have fun!