What would a CS:GO team with the five best snipers in the world look like? Quintuple sniper strats are usually reserved to Silver or meme territory (except for 30th-round shenanigans on Dust 2 perhaps), but maybe they’d turn out to be a bit more viable with some of the best AWPers that Counter-Strike has to offer. This is why we’ve assembled the AWPengers in a bid to save the universe before everyone gets votekicked by Thanos.


fallen awper csgo
Rise and shine, Mr. FalleN… rise and shine!

It’s safe to say that the legendary Brazilian in-game leader’s career requires yet another reinvention of the wheel for him to remain along the CS:GO greats. Clearly, he’s got the greatest IGLing attributes for any of the AWPers out there, which makes his inclusion a no-brainer in our superstar squad.


Oleksandr Kostyliev s1mple Na'Vi Natus Vincere
This is no s1mple matter that we need to discuss…

Of course, there’s no way we would form the AWPengers without arguably the best player in the world, the Undertaker himself. If you ever need the X-factor or someone who’s just as comfortable with a rifle or a pistol, he’s your man. Or, you know, if you need a player to drop a casual +40 (and still lose to Heroic).


device awper csgo
…for neither one or two of the great green devices are enough for this task…

Why settle for just one of the two best players of the world? WHY NOT BOTH?

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guardian awper csgo
…nor lone heroes without a GuardiaN angel…

Even if the Slovakian superstar is not doing as well as he did in his prime, an adventure like this would be the perfect way for him to ride off into the sunset. There’s no way he wouldn’t be revitalized by such fantastic comrades!


zywoo awper csgo
…and ZywOo. No, we’ve got no wordplay for this.

Look, he’s really good.

While this is all, of course, a tongue-in-cheek thought experiment, it would truly be interesting to see how far a team like this could climb on the CS:GO ladder. Top 30, maybe? Perhaps the edge of top 20, just because of all the individual skill on offer? It’s not as easy a question as it seems at first. Let us know what you think on Twitter at @RivalryGLHF! AWPengers assemble!