Counter-Strike fans are blessed with an embarrasment of riches when it comes to casters and commentators, but who is the best out of them all and which is the most exciting pairing to listen to in a grand final? We've asked some of the most influential CS:GO personalities about their opinion on the subject, and their answers were certainly illuminating.

Who is the best CS:GO caster?

Since the beginning of CS:GO (or at least the time when Anders was the face of NiPGamingTV), CS:GO fans have argued about the different caster pairings and commentator choices at every major event. Today, the talent on display can even serve as a selling point for tournaments like FLASHPOINT. Each and every one of us out there have our own favorites and preferences, but what about the players themselves? We've put the question to some of your favorite CS:GO players and personalities and learned a lot about their thoughts on the matter. Check out the video below for more!

The experts also offered their thoughts on the best European CS:GO player, the best support player in the game and discussed the identity of the best AWPer as well – all of them are worth checking out!

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