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April 14th, 2020

Who is the best European CS:GO player? The list of potential candidates is long and there are many arguments both in favor and against any one of them. Are the AWPers, the riflers or the big brain IGLs worthy of consideration? We’ve asked some of your favorite CS:GO pros and personalities about their thoughts on the EU Counter-Strike players and we’ve got their unfiltered opinions on the matter.

Who is the best CS:GO player in EU?

European players topped HLTV's player chart for two years running, and many of the top teams right now also hail from the continent. Does that mean the best CS:GO players in EU are the top of the pops too? Who makes the cut and which players fall short in the eyes of the pros we've got in touch with? You'll be suprised by the final results. We've asked some of your favorite CS:GO players and personalities for their opinions on the subject, and they had some very interesting thoughts to offer. Check out the video to learn more!

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