A Guide to CoD Mobile’s Best Guns

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most famous mobile esports in the world. This game has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times and its player base is massive. In addition to that, its tournaments offer millions of dollars in prizes and can be watched live around the world. You can also bet on them as soon as the groups or the first round of matches are announced. Veteran players, who have enjoyed the CoD series for many years, have already learned and even mastered CoD Mobile as well. But if you’re a new player, you might be asking yourself: what is the best gun in CoD Mobile?

The Best Guns in CoD Mobile

Before we can start talking about the best guns in CoD Mobile, we first need to talk about the game’s guns in general. And there are dozens of them. Here’s a detailed list.

·       HVK-30

·       MX-9

·       Locus

·       MK2 Carbine

·       MSMC

·       Man-O-War

·       DL Q33

·       DR-H

·       ASM10

·       M13

·       QQ9

·       AS Val

·       R9-0

·       Hades

·       Arctic-50

·       Holger 26

·       SP-R 208

·       Striker

·       SKS

·       AK117

·       PP19 Bizon

·       Chopper

·       KRM-262

·       CR-56 AMAX

·       Peacekeeper MK2

·       Cordite

·       Fennec

·       RUS-79U

·       KN-44

·       Razorback

·       AK-47

·       Kilo Bolt-Action

·       XPR-50

·       FR.556

·       Chichom

·       PDW-57

·       ICR-1

·       RPD

·       Echo

·       Crossbow

·       QXR

·       Outlaw

·       AGR 556

·       NA-45

·       BK-57

·       M21 EBR

·       Pharo

·       UL736

·       LK24

·       Type 25

·       GKS

·       HBRa3

·       HS0405

·       M4LMG

·       BY15

·       HG 40

·       M4

·       M16

·       HS2126

·       S36

As you can see, in Call of Duty Mobile there are numerous options to choose from. Some of these guns are assault rifles, others are sniper rifles, and so on. But to pick the right weapons for your personal playstyle, you first need to understand the main attributes of CoD Mobile guns.

Attributes of Call of Duty Mobile Guns

Here are the 6 core characteristics of CoD Mobile guns:


Damage is the most intuitive attribute of Call of Duty Mobile guns. When you hit a player with bullets, their HP decreases. So the higher a gun’s damage, the fewer times you need to hit them before they are dead.

The damage of every weapon can change over time. A gun whose damage was very high during CoD Mobile season 1 might be considerably weaker today. Or vice versa.


Accuracy, as the word suggests, is an indicator of how accurate a weapon is when used from the hip. When you start firing, unless you do it one bullet at a time, the accuracy of your gun will never be 100%. But some guns are more accurate than others, even from a long range.


The greater the shooting range of a weapon, the easier it is to frag with it from far away. If you attempt to use a weapon from too far away, your bullets will mostly miss the target even if your aim is good.

If you want to have an excellent range, pick sniper rifles or assault rifles.

Fire Rate

In CoD Mobile, some guns have a higher rate than others, which means that they shoot more bullets per minute. There’s a big difference between an assault rifle and a pistol.


A high-mobility weapon allows you to move and aim more easily. Quite often, this is an underrated quality of CoD Mobile guns.


No weapon stands still once you start shooting. The control attribute tells you how much recoil and sway your gun has.

Best Guns

The best guns in Call of Duty Mobile are the ones that help you get the job done with the highest efficiency. Depending on your play style, you might choose sniper rifles, assault rifles, etc. For example, the best gun for close range combat is arguably the AK-47, although many players prefer the Man-O-War assault rifle. Both of these guns offer excellent damage, accuracy, and range. Not to mention the mobility, which is a huge asset when having to roam around the map or reach key locations before the enemy does.

To discuss the best guns in CoD Mobile requires us to divide the weapons based on their type. In total, there are 9 main categories.

Assault Rifles

The best assault rifles in CoD mobile, as was said before, are probably Man-O-War and AK-47. Their attributes tend to change frequently simply because they are so good. Season after season, the developers of Call of Duty Mobile feel the need to nerf them a bit more, in the hopes that people will start using other weapons as well. The same problem exists in CS:GO as well. People use the AK-47 whenever they can, ignoring other options.

Sniper Rifles

When it comes to sniper rifles, the combination of high damage and long range gives the Locus an edge over the other rifles. However, it ultimately comes down to preference. Let’s not forget that DL Q33, Outlaw, and M21 EBR also deal a lot of damage from a tremendous distance. And some players pick one of the remaining options because they’ve mastered a gun and know how to utilize it to perfection.


LMGs or Light Machine Guns are used from a short range, have excellent fire rate, but don’t excel in the accuracy department. They’re quite useful in some situations, but most of the time they’re not as practical as an assault rifle. Among the best light machine guns that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile, the RPD is probably the most appropriate. Its damage is excellent and you can actually hit players with it if you know what you’re doing.


The SMGs of CoD Mobile offer you a satisfying mix of fire rate and mobility. Everything else about these guns is poor in most cases. But if you need to be quick and shoot as many bullets as possible from a short range, these guns are for you. Among the best weapons in this category is the recently introduced PPSh-41.


Shotguns are good when you’re fighting at close range and know how to aim properly. This type of weapon has one of the worst fire rates in Call of Duty Mobile but its damage and accuracy are quite good, while the mobility is more than decent. If you want to use a great shotgun, try the Echo. A lot of players praise it for its great attributes.

Marksman Rifles

Marksman rifles are like sniper rifles, except they deal a bit less damage in exchange for better mobility. Probably the best marksman rifle in CoD Mobile is the SP-R 208.


Call of Duty Mobile features around half-a-dozen pistols and you can master the one that suits you best. Because of the high damage, accuracy, and control, a lot of people tend to prefer the J358 or the .50 GS.


For your melee weapon, the Katana or a simple Knife is usually the best option. Many players like the knife because they have a lot of experience with it from other FPS games. But you can choose something else if you have a different playstyle. In the melee category, most weapons are roughly the same, so you can’t really be wrong about your choice.


When it comes to CoD Mobile Launchers, the best option is probably the FHJ-18. Or, if you prefer to have a weapon with a much better fire rate but lower damage and accuracy, you can pick the Thumper or the D13 Sector.

Best Loadouts for CoD Mobile

In Call of Duty: Mobile, loadouts provide you with an easy way to customize your playstyle and get into action as fast as possible. A sniper player will have a different loadout than a close-quarter combat player.

To discover the best loadout in CoD Mobile you first need to decide what role you’re going to play and how you want to play it. Some people enjoy the long-range style while others like to throw themselves into the action and constantly roam between locations.

CoD Mobile Loadouts allow you to enhance your character in a variety of ways, increasing your range, your accuracy, and so on. Keep in mind that you’re always choosing something at the expense of something else. You can pick your barrel, optic, stock, ammunition, bolt, muzzle, laser, rear grip, and so on. Experiment with the options and see what suits you best.


What is the best light machine gun in CoD Mobile?

The RPD.

What is the best smg in CoD mobile?

The PPSh-41.

Are there any new weapons in CoD Mobile?

Yes. PPSh-41 is one of them.

What is the gun with the maximum damage in CoD Mobile?

The HS0405 shotgun.

What is the best gun for close range combat in CoD Mobile?

The AK-47.

What is the best assault rifle in CoD Mobile?

The AK-47 or the Man-O-War, depending on your preference.

What is the best sniper rifle in CoD Mobile?

The Locus.

What is the best gun in CoD Mobile?

It depends on your playstyle. To find the best gun in CoD Mobile you need to pick the best gun for your specific way of playing the game.