With over 100 champions in the game, Riot Games genuinely excel at creating unique skins for all their champions. The amount of attention to detail in their cosmetics is unparalled by any other MOBA. Some of their skins turn champions into celestial entities, while others amp up the cuteness factor.

League of Legends skins can be purchased using RP (Riot Points), which are bought with real money, or unlocked through opening Hextech chests using Hextech keys.

Rivalry has got you covered if you're wondering which skins are worth opening your wallet for and putting some RP towards! Here are some of the best skins in League of Legends, accounting for their character models, animations, splash arts, and other visual effects.

The Best League of Legends Skins

DJ Sona

  • 3,250 RP

DJ Sona is one of the best League of Legends skins in the game. This skin takes Sona's musical roots to a whole new level as she swaps out her signature Etwahl instrument for a set of DJ decks, and her hair becomes moving neon techno waves.

This Ultimate skin is the best in the game. Everything about her default appearance has been changed with exceptional attention to detail, from Sona's floating animation to her recall. DJ Sona gains the ability to play music for her allies, as each of Sona's auras adds a new layer of music when first used, so players can create their own tracks! As an Ultimate skin, it comes with a hefty price tag, but it is a worthy investment to add an extra musical ambience to your next games.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin

  • 1,820 RP

In Lee Sin's Legendary skin Storm Dragon, all his basic effects are enhanced. He gains a new voice, attack animations, ability VFX, fancy new emotes and even epic-looking splash art that looks straight out of an anime!

Storm Dragon Lee Sin is one of the best League of Legends cosmetics Riot Games offers. His basic attacks have an ominous smokey and lightning effect alongside electric SFX. The best part is when Lee Sin defeats an opponent wearing this skin, their death screen will be encircled by stormy clouds. When walking through the Jungle river, players will see a cool electric effect dancing under his feet!

K/DA All Out Seraphine

  • 3,250 RP

K/DA is a virtual K-pop group created by Riot Games, featuring League of Legends champions Evelynn, Ahri, Kai'Sa and Akali. They have released some incredible songs starring the voices of real pop stars like Madison Beer. Seraphine featured in the K/DA "More" music video upon her release and has the Ultimate skin pack K/DA All Out Seraphine to boot.

This interesting pack features three iconic skins. After completing the skin-specific missions in a narrative quest line, the other two skins are available. Players experience Seraphine's rise to stardom, beginning with Indie Seraphine before unlocking Rising Star Seraphine and finishing with Seraphine Superstar. K/DA All Out Seraphine is the most innovative cosmetic yet, and undoubtedly one of the best skins League has released with three skins for the price of one.

Spirit Guard Udyr

  • 3,250 RP

As an Ultimate skin, Spirit Guard Udyr has always been one of the most highly rated fan-favorite skins in League of Legends. Its popularity has only increased following Udyr's recent rework, which has breathed new life into the champion.

Channeling the spirits of the Phoenix, Tiger, and Bear, this Ultimate skin pays homage to the original Udyr as seen in the splash art. For each form Udyr takes on, tons of new animations and visual effects accompany them. Try Spirit Guard Udyr out for yourself!

Dark Cosmic Jhin

  • 1,820 RP

This skin provides Jhin with some interesting lore, as the skin bio says he was an interstellar entity consumed by the Dark Star and given a new purpose in life. The Virtuoso, Jhin, fits in well with the Dark Cosmic skin line with the horror he brings to turning killing into an art form alongside his music.

This legendary skin have all sorts of hidden details that only an eagle-eyed player may notice. For example, Dark Cosmic Jhin can fire his pistol without even touching it and he reloads

Spirit Blossom Ahri

  • 1,350 RP

Ahri is already considered one of the prettiest champions in League of Legends and boasts so many skins in her repertoire. As the Nine-tailed fox, it should be no surprise that she should have a skin line inspired by Japanese folklore. Spirit Blossom Ahri is one of the best League of Legends skins because of its pastel color palette, beautiful splash art, and sheer attention to detail.

Spirit Blossom Ahri has some fresh animations, like transforming Ahri into a kitsune fox when she uses her Ultimate ability. There are also unique voice lines that reference her ability to commune with the souls of the deceased. Ahri's hair is a bright pink, and her iconic fox ears are decorated with bells that jingle as she walks.

High Noon Lucian

  • 1,350 RP

The High Noon skin line boasts some of the most unique skins in the game, combining gothic and Western elements. Lucian has some iconic skins under his belt, but the legendary skin High Noon Lucian is top tier. Hailing as a cowboy from the Wild West with signature gunslinger motifs, Lucian is a half-human cowboy with a demonic form as he seeks revenge for his missing wife, Senna.

Lucian's trademark light pistols are transformed into one golden gun in his right hand and a demonic gun in his left hand. Like all High Noon skins, the particle effects for his abilities are fiery orange and smokey black to highlight his deep sinister depths. Using his Ultimate, Lucian transforms into a relentless demon, gunning for anyone who stands in his way.

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot

  • 1,350 RP

The Pajama Guardian skin set is a variant of the favourite Star Guardian skins and sees tons of the most popular champions decked out in the cosiest attire, often with animal slippers and cute onesies. Pajama Guardian Urgot and Star Guardian Urgot were long-time memes amongst fans. As part of an April Fools joke, Riot finally gave in to fans' demands and gave the fearsome Urgot his own pastel Star Guardian skin line.

Seemingly Sailor Moon-inspired, this beautiful skin replaces Urgot's dark aesthetics and gothic vibes with a beautiful feminine masterpiece. To top it all off, Urgot's magical look is completed with a kawaii cat helmet and some pink sparkles.

Corgi Corki

  • 1,350 RP

Adding some comic relief to your games is a must! Corgi Corki is one of the funniest and well-designed cosmetic skins in the game. It's simultaneously ridiculous to look at while also being an artistic masterpiece.

This adorable skin sees Corki flying around a helicoper controlled by a Corgi that barks and shoots sparkling rainbows at the enemy. Corgi Corki sees the player throwing squeaky balls instead of bombs, and the package is complete with a wiggling corgi butt! What's not to love?

Fright Night Draven

  • 1,350 RP

Riot Games were clearly inspired by the cult classic horror film, Friday the 13th and the main villain Jason Vorhees, when they made the Fright Night Draven skin.

Equipped with the iconic hockey facemask, Fright Night Draven is one of the most interesting skins in the game with unique visual effects and animations. His recall animation sees him carving an intricate self-portrait in a hedge using his chainsaws. For his global Ultimate, Fright Night Draven can send his powerful chainsaws spinning in the direction of his enemies.

Elementalist Lux

  • 3,250 RP

Lux is the poster girl for most League of Legends promotional material, with a whole wardrobe of cosmetic skins to her name. Elementalist Lux is one of the few Ultimate skins in the game, and of course, it comes with a hefty price tag. However, when players purchase this skin, they are actually getting ten skins for the price of one.

At the beginning of a game, Elementalist Lux will begin in her Light form. This skin can undergo several transformations, with nine other potential combinations, each with a unique art style: Fire, Water, Air, Nature, Ice, Storm, Magma, Mystic, and Dark. Lux will build up energy by attacking enemies, enabling her to change forms twice in one game.

Space Groove Blitz & Crank

  • 1,820 RP

The Spacegroove skin line is relatively new to the League of Legends universe and features some amazing skins. With a neon cyberpunk aesthetic, it sees many of the games beloved champions decked out in some raving attire.

As seen in the splash art, Space Groove Blitzcrank is occupied by two sentient cats, Blitz and Crank, as they work together to pilot the robot. One of these cats even has a mustache! The unique SFX, colorful designs and different animations make playing with this skin an immensely fun experience, with hilarious taunts to annoy the enemy (and your team) with!


It will be hard for Riot Games to top this list of their best LoL skins, but rest assured this article will be updated if any new cool skins come out of the woodwork!

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FAQs about League of Legends skins

How do I buy League of Legends skins?

League of Legends skins can be purchased from the in-game Store for RP. The best League of Legends skins can cost anything between 1,350 RP to 3,250 RP for Ultimate skins.

How much do League of Legends skins cost?

Skins in League of Legends often have different price points. The detailed higher-quality skins with new voice lines and animations understandably cost more. The complete price list is below:

  • Regular skins: 975 RP or less
  • Epic skins: 1,350 RP
  • Legendary skins: 1,820 RP
  • Ultimate skins: 3,250 RP

Occasionally, the Store will feature discounted skins, which change weekly. It's always best to keep checking the Store to see if your favorite skin on your wishlist is going cheap to snag a bargain.

Are League of Legends skins purely cosmetic?

Yes. The skins in League of Legends offer no in-game advantages as that would be pay-to-win. They are purely for aesthetic purposes and have no impact on gameplay besides adding extra spice to your favorite champions.

Can I use League of Legends skins in ranked games?

Of course! Since League of Legends skins have no impact on gameplay performance, they can be used in ranked games. You can flex your fashion sense on the opponents and defeat them in style!

Can League of Legends skins be gifted to other players?

Yes, League of Legends skins can be gifted to any player on your friends list! Just click on the Gifting Center on the League of Legends application, choose a friend, pick a skin from the Store and buy it using RP. You can even customize your gift with a friendly message.

How many League of Legends skins are there?

There are over 1,400 League of Legends skins that have ever been made. Riot has averaged around 12 skin releases per month, so more skins are constantly added.

There are over 900 skins currently available in the Store, with around 400 older skins being vaulted into the Legacy line. Legacy skins can only be obtained through Hextech chests. May the RNG gods be ever in your favor!

How often do Riot Games release new skins?

League of Legends are often released to coincide with real-life events and be themed around them; for example, some new skins from the Heartseeker skin line were released just before Valentine's Day. A new skin will always be featured on the front page of the League of Legends Store, so keep an eye out!