Who is the best NA CS:GO player based on the opinion of their peers? We've asked some of the most well-known Counter-Strike pros and personalities for their opinion, and they've duly delivered with their hot takes, separating the best from the rest with their insights.

Who is the best CS:GO player in North America?

NA was always the region with the raw skill and the lacking refinement, at least perhaps until Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses came along. But which are the best NA CS players at this point in time? Stewie2K and tarik certainly made great use of their miraculous Major win with Cloud9, proving they still belong in the conversation. But how about the rest of the field? Which players are the ones who make their fellow professionals shudder at the thought of facing them in a dark alleyway? Who is the one whose crosshairs you certainly don't want to have over you in the middle of a clutch? We've asked some of your favorite CS:GO players and personalities for their opinions on the subject, and they had some very interesting thoughts to offer, with some surprising candidates that are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Check out the video to learn more: our esteemed panel of experts and pros certainly named a few players we weren't quite expecting to come up here!

The experts also offered their thoughts on the best European CS:GO player, the best support player in the game and discussed the identity of the best AWPer as well – all of them are worth checking out!

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