With the conclusion of the International 11, 2022 will be the first year that the Battle Pass will continue on beyond the International. With tons of content and brand new skins coming for the next month, fans will have the chance to upgrade their battle passes to the end point for some exclusive arcanas. Here are some of the best things to look out for in the Battle Pass Part two. 

Brand new cavern crawl layer

Thought your cavern crawl was over? Unlocked every version of all three skins? Worry not, Valve has you covered with even more cavern crawl content for the future! Players can earn another version of their cavern crawl item sets, this time, with a winter themed colour skin. The Juggernaut skin has a red hue to it, the Crystal Maiden comes in purple and so does the Slardar skin. Be sure to complete your cavern crawl challenges before the end of this battle pass to earn all new versions. 

Diretide re-rolls for Arcana drops 

Diretide brings with it a brand new way for players to get new items! The more Diretide players play, the more candies they will gain. Candies can then be traded for 3 random items that appear in a player’s shop. Every shop can be re-rolled whenever a player gets a re-roll in their shop. The strategy for every player is to re-roll until they get an item they want to trade for. Then keep playing Diretide games to earn the candies needed to trade for those items. Keep in mind certain candies can be traded for others, so if there is an excess of blue candies, for example, they can be traded for red ones. 

Keep in mind players can find Arcanas in these, so happy rolling! 

Two new level exclusive skins 

For the whales that enjoy spending money on Dota, Valve has you covered. The new Cystal Maiden Persona, Conduit of the Blueheart and the new Razor Arcana, Voidstorm Asylum will be coming out within the month. The Crystal Maiden persona is already out! Players only need to get to level 148 to unlock it and it turns Crystal Maiden into a wolf. More importantly, for those that own the Arcana, the persona unlocks a brand new puppy that can follow players around. 

Be sure to get the most out of the battle pass this year as it seems like Valve has added more content than ever for players to enjoy. Every Dota game can gain you progress towards the battle pass, so make sure to play a lot!