The First DPC Qualifiers are About to Begin!

With qualifiers just around the corner, we finally have information on the coverage for the first round of DPC qualifiers for the 2019-2020 system. With BTS in charge of the minor and MDL holding the major, BTS will cover all the qualifiers with their usual flair.

This year's qualifiers will be run differently than the past DPC season. Rather than force teams that were just eliminated from the Major qualifier to turn around and play the minor qualifier, the two have been combined! For regular viewers of our Rivalry Cooldown podcast, you can imagine how excited Nahaz was!

DPC Qualifier Info

So as for the actual info: Beyond the Summit will be bringing back the theme of King's Cup.

  • Group Stages: October 5-6th
  • Major Playoffs: October 7th-8th
  • Minor Playoffs: October 9th-10th

That's all folks! Open qualifiers? Nah, we don't need that! The format has of course been pre-established by Valve for every DPC qualifier and event this year, so we do at least know that.

Talent for the event will be names and faces you're used to seeing - with one new (old?) face re-joining the ranks as LD returns to casting!

During previous events, remote streams have covered the extra games that the main stream can't hit - but it has not yet been announced if any additional casters (or an EU hub) are in the works for extra coverage. Make sure to follow BeyondTheSummit on Twitter and Twitch and don't miss any of the action for our first DPC event of the 2019-2020 season!