BOOM Esports claims their grandest win so far in the First Tour of Southeast Asian Dota Pro Circuit (SEA DPC) Regional Finals today after delivering a 3-1 annihilation of T1 in the Grand Final stage, reasserting their status as a regional powerhouse with real chances of going to The International after claiming valuable 250 DPC points.

The win not only brought a crowning moment to the Skem-led team but also brought a nightmarish lose streak to an end against the former The International (TI) 10 7th-8th placers.

Encountering T1 the day before entering the Grand Finals, BOOM Esports was once again taken down in front of them, mirroring their group stage game in DPC SEA 2021-22 Tour I: Division 1  when T1 halted the Hungry Beast from getting their perfect 10-0 streak record in the 5th week of the series.

Creating yet another Deja Vu kinda moment for the team, the loss forced them to move to the lower bracket and once again face Team SMG in the semifinal. A calculated demolition of Team SMG in three games led BOOM to exact revenge on the Upper Bracket Final winners.

Game 1 Breakdown: Yopaj Kunkka

In game 1, T1 successfully drafted a solid lineup against BOOM Esports, leading them to have a more effective farm in the early game possibly giving the team more advantage as the game progresses.

Unfortunately, as the game began to shift to midgame time, Yopaj started to show more aggressive play with his Kunkka on mid, killing T1 heroes one by one and leading his team to victory in minute 30.

Game 2 Breakdown: Tims’ Godly Arrows

In game 2, BOOM Esports once again managed to find some crucial core on T1, taking down their towers one by one and Tims securing a few kills using Mirana, as T1 could not do anything but watch with no tricks up its sleeves, ultimately lost the game within 21 minutes.

Game 3 Breakdown: Gabbi Double Rampage

In game 3, early on its looks like both teams started in the same way as the previous two, with BOOM Esports managing to take a 5k lead in minute 19, at first it seem like BOOM’s had the game.

But as Gabbi started to bring its tremendous team fight potential, his Templar Assassin successfully turned the tide in favor of the team and sealed its victory in minute 41.

Game 4 Breakdown: The Tims-Jackky connection forms

In game 4, BOOM Esports once again successfully show their aggressive play and began to pick and kills T1 heroes one by one once they find them, committing all resources in the early game to hamper BOOM Esports’ farm.

Although T1 responded well and started measure some counter, as BOOM’s having superiors mechanics, T1 found no lanes to split-push as Jackky’s Templar vision and mobility hounded creep movements and rotations.

T1 finally capitulated at the 36th minute of the game, erasing hopes for a do-or-die game and getting 130 DPC points in the process.

What's next for BOOM?

"We're going to TI": Isaac Alfon, Team Manager of BOOM Esports, unwaveringly claims in the press conference held after their win. With 250 points in the bag, the team's prospects of moving into the coveted world championship in October are bright, but the team cannot afford to lax as two more tours are taking place before the annual world tournament.

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