Like most other participant teams, BOOM Esports newly introduced jersey design is specifically made to be used for the upcoming The International 11, as this will be their first year to enter the grand event. 

However unlike their previous black and red signature design, this time BOOM Esports also introduced the white brighter version for their new jersey, complete with Batik pattern and red lines signature of the Beast.

Flash Back to 2017 and 2021

Back in 2017, BOOM Esports was a newly formed team that came from Indonesian league, Fbz is one of the remaining original players. However as they got into the bigger league in Southeast Asia, in 2021 BOOM started to change things up in order to hold their position and dreams at the time.

With Mushi, Tims, Skem and Yobadge joining the team, BOOM Esports started to improve after a year of hard work and constant efforts, BOOM Esports is now the best team in SEA and the main representative of TI 11. Dota event so far and their biggest event of the year

Changing Things Up

As a signature of their journey, the white version of the shirt symbolizes BOOM's effort and desire to change things for the better, to not let go of the past but adopting a new color to reflect their new identity.

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