Supporter’s clubs are here! Got the amount to spare or want to show your all-out support for a team? You’ve come to the right place! This article’s for you to explore and will convince you to give the hungry beasts some love! 

Coming into the 2022 DPC Tour III, BOOM Esports has released yet another Supporters Club. They have introduced new sprays, loading screens, emoticons, and voice lines. The sprays consist of artworks of Boomie (BOOM Esports Mascot) and FBZ. The voice lines are composed of their recorded voices, with lines such as “Where are you going?”, “energy energy” and “mantab bang” which means “good job”. The voice lines were recorded by the players and team staff of BOOM Esports Dota. 

With this new content, fans can enjoy more of BOOM Esports Dota – and even taunt their enemies with the new voice lines. This is done by purchasing badges unique to the team complimented by seasonal cosmetic items. Those items include different things - based on the levels purchased by the fans. Currently, there are 3 levels – comprising of Bronze, Silver and Golden. 

The golden badge gives the fans a higher level of in-game cosmetics – such as special hp bar badges, loading screens and the much-loved voice lines. The loading screens for this season was made by BOOM Illustrator that is inspired by BOOM’s mascot and the 3 of the most famous players, Tims, FBZ and Jackky. The voice lines are composed of their recorded voices, with lines such as “Where are you going?”, “energy energy” and “mantab bang” which means “good job”. The voice lines are recorded by the players, coach and team staff of BOOM Esports Dota.  

The Silver badge gives the fans sprays and emoticons that they can use through the chat wheel in game. The sprays are based on DOTA2 heroes, BOOM Esports’ mascot and players which are stylized as cartoons with the addition of simple words such as “GG”, “We got this”, and “Feel my Wrath”. The emoticons for this season are adapted from BOOM Esports logo and a catchphrase if someone’s making an unexpected smart move “200 IQ”. All of the arts submitted for the Supporters Club were originally made by the BOOM Esports team.

The Bronze badge provides the fans with a bronze badge that showcases their support for the team. The best thing about the Supporters Club is that the content is solely created by the team themselves, the higher level means the more items we can get and utilize later in the game. Through the purchase of the Supporters Club, fans can now fully show their love and affection towards their favorite teams – and brag it out. 

The Dota 2 Supporters Club was first introduced by Valve as an in-game feature back on May 11, 2021. The integration of Indonesian Dota culture towards the Supporters Club further developed an emotional connection and bond for BOOM Esports and the fans. As Valve continued the Supporters Club, BOOM Esports followed suit with new content and perks for the fans, integrated with their new lineup. Their current lineup consisting of multinational players, mostly from the Philippines, Indonesia and Laos, means that they can integrate different Dota culture towards the Supporters Club. This is seen through one of their Supporters Club that showcases different languages. 

The Supporters Club is now available for purchase through the Dota 2 in-game client. BOOM Esports surely give the best quality to the fans in every season. Any Dota2 fans will definitely upgrade their accounts into the next level of gaming by purchasing the Supporters Club or also known as Fanpacks.