After securing back to back BTS Pro Series and Mineski Masters championships titles, BOOM Esports began the DPC SEA Tour I with positive results. In their first match, they beat OB Neon 2-0 in a convincing fashion with Tino as the newest member of the team. Now, Skem and co will meet FNATIC in the second week of DPC SEA Tour I.

“We are still adjusting and so is Tino but I think we will get there soon.”

Skem’s statement regarding Tino after winning against OB Neon

Similar to BOOM Esports, FNATIC also made roster changes where they parted ways with ChyuaN and Deth after The International 10. The position is filled by Armel, former TNC Predator member, and Jaunuel, former OB Neon Esports member.

FNATIC also has similar rosters with BOOM Esports as they both have 4 Filipino players and 1 from abroad. Interestingly, the offlaner position in both teams is the only position filled by a non-Filipino, wherein BOOM Esports has Fbz from Indonesia and FNATIC has Jabz from Thailand, who previously played a support role.

Previously, FNATIC had begun their first week of DPC SEA Tour I with a defeat against Team SMG. Nonetheless, FNATIC is one of the top teams in the league with their previous achievements especially in Major Tournaments and The International. 

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