On January 19th BOOM Esports will face their last match of the DPC SEA Tour I Series, encountering Execration or the XctN team for the first time, and closing the series for this season.

Throughout the series, the Hungry Beast had shown their great dominance as one of the best teams in the SEA region, with BOOM Esports having been on a 16-0 winning streak before and only loses against the T1 yesterday. 

But despite that record-breaking loss, BOOM Esports still sit on their throne as the rank 1 of the current standings.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, it can be said that Execration had a pretty rough journey this time. After losing against MG.Trust in the first week, and struggling against Neon Esports in the 2nd, XctN only got their first big win once against TNC Predator in the 3rd week.

In the week 4th and 5th XctN got dominated again when facing both SMG and T1 teams. Position them as the rank 5th on the current standings.

Nonetheless, in the past, Execration had been met the Hungry Beast a few times before. Unfortunately, in the last 3 majors, BOOM Esports can be said to always be on the top every time they met, dominating them in the SEA stage.

Therefore, as much as the other expects the match, in short, we know how things will go down this time.

However, as both teams in dominated by players from the Philippines, with Fbz from BOOM is the only one from Indonesia. It still will be an interesting match to watch especially to see their interaction facing one another.

After that, as they said, no matter how the odds, are there are always limitless possibilities of what’s going to happen before the match begins.

But if things go down just as we expect, on January 19th we will see BOOM Esports securing their position again for the season. Winning the $30,000 Grand Prize and 300 DPC points, making them one step closer to their ticket in The International Series this year.

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