BOOM Esports continue their journey in SEA DPC Tour 1 League with a match against 2 teams in the third week. There are Team SMG and Motivate Trust Gaming as the team that Skem and co against.

After The International 2021 qualifier, both teams changed only 1 player. Team SMG brought Filipino DOTA 2 veteran, Raging Potato as the offlaner of the team. Motivate Trust Gaming brought Boombell, known as Thailand veteran DOTA 2 player and filled as position 5 support.

Both teams already meet the new core of the BOOM Esports before SEA DPC Tour 1. BOOM Esports lost the series against Team SMG in the group stage of BTS Pro Series Season 8 but managed to win the series 2 times with 2-1 score in upper bracket finals and 3-2 in the grand final. At that time, Team SMG offlaner was still kpii as their offlaner while BOOM used Palos as stand-in of the tournament.

While MG Trust already became a familiar opponent even before BOOM made the mix of the Indonesia and Philippines roster. Both teams have already met in 3 tournaments before SEA DPC Tour while BOOM have a positive record with the latest being a 3-2 victory against the Thailand team in the Mineski Masters grand final.

So far, both of the teams are shown as BOOM Esports rivals for grabbing a ticket to the first major of the DOTA Pro Circuit. Team SMG and MG Trust having the same 2-1 record and both teams already meeting each other with Team SMG as a victor with 2-0 score. While BOOM Esports held a perfect 2-0 record in the group stage until the second week.

The encounter in third week became an important match for the Hungry Beast squad as with another victory against both teams the trip to DPC major became smoother. The match against Team SMG will happen on 15 December while MG Trust will play on 18 December.