After defeating the Execration team in their last match, the Hungry Beasts finally claimed their place as the Champion of the DPC SEA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division 1 Series with T1 accepting their loss from their match against Fnatic on the same day.

Against Execration, BOOM Rivalry looked to exit the Season with a bang - and did so splendidly as they opened the series with a 19-minute demolition of Execration in Game 1. In Game 2, Execration showed little resistance as BOOM Rivalry deployed Yopaj's Batrider to counter Bob's Puck, locking down Execration's hopes of executing a Luna late-game split-push, leaving no option for the Filipino squad to capitulate and move to a 2-5 scorecard.

Meanwhile, their current rival T1, carrying the same 5-1 tally, appeared less aggressive against Fnatic, statistically giving BOOM the top spot on the final standings.

During the last match against Execration, Tino proved to be Kimizu's early nightmare as Kimizu's Mars can't properly get last-hits with Tino's threat of damage steal and skem's normal attack harassment in the bottom lane. 

The early game mishap proved to be pivotal for BOOM Rivalry as Tino secured his necessary farm earlier and committed to earlier rotations with Yopaj's Ember Spirit, leaving Execration no choice but to give up their towers one-by-one.

While it seems that the outcome has been given before the game even started, it’s still interesting to see how things go down in their last match for both teams. For an unstable region with lots of talented players, upsets take place once or twice in a while, with BOOM Rivalry looking to prevent further losses after giving one up to T1. 

Execration managed to cling on to the Upper Division for the next season after beating Motivate.Trust Gaming in a Bo1 series last January 21. Team SMG, Fnatic, and T1 went to a showdown the following day, with Fnatic emerging victorious after defeating both T1 and Team SMG. A 34-minute beating from T1 led Midone and the squad to settle for the 4th place. 

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