Your dedicated Rivalry super squad is stoked to release our latest feature: Chicken Out!

(And before you ask, yes this is the cash out feature you have long been waiting for.) 

Tell me if you have been here before:

You shipped a bet on your favorite team. There was no way they were going to lose. They’re ranked #1 and riding a major hot streak. You’re feeling good. This is an easy win. 

The game starts! You’re up. All is well. Suddenly team captain McButtface chokes. The tides are turning! Your team is down. They’re inting hard! How can this be?! The match is almost over! You’re going to lose! ALL IS LOST!

STOP! All is not lost my friend, because now you can can Chicken Out of that bet and yeet back some of that money. Don’t be afraid, it’s not cowardly to chicken out. It’s smart. You're smart. And now you have some of your money back too.

But that’s not all! Chickening out is not just for bailing on your doomed bets. Maybe you took a long shot on the underdog and suddenly they pull ahead! Why wait for the competition to come back and crush them back down into the dirt? Chicken that bet out son, and make some scratch! Take the money and run. You can even chicken out a portion of your stake and keep some skin in the game. 

How do I Chicken Out?

I’m glad you asked. It's so easy. 

1. Place a bet that has chicken out. You can tell if a market will have chicken out available from this little chicken icon on the bet line.

2. Open up your bet slip and go to Your Bets.  Smack that big yellow CHICKEN OUT button.

3. Slide the slidey thing every which way to decide how much you want to chicken out. Or crack that sucker all the way to the end to take it all out.

4. Hit DO IT, and get your cash!

Need to know more? We got the FAQs

Is chicken out available in my region?

The Chicken Out feature is currently in early access phase and availability is limited to certain regions. Once early access phase is completed, it will be available in all regions.

What is Chicken Out? 

Chicken out (sometimes called “Cash Out”) is a new feature available for some matches that will let you take some or all of your money out of a bet before the market settles. You can fully chicken out, and take all your money out immediately (This will close the bet); or you can chicken out a portion of the bet, and leave some in.

Why would I want to chicken out of a bet?

There are a few reasons why you might want to chicken out of a bet. Maybe it looked like the team you bet on seemed like the right pick before the match started, but now they are starting to lose. You can chicken out of that bet and get some of your stake back, instead of losing it all.

Maybe you bet on the underdog and part way through the match, your team is pulling ahead. You can wait for the match to end and hope they win, or you can chicken out of the bet while your team is ahead and take some winnings now. 

How will I know a market is eligible to Chicken Out?

Any market that will be available for chicken out will be marked with a chicken icon.  Be aware, that just like any live market, chicken out may not be available at all times.

Do I have to chicken out my entire bet?

Nope. You can chicken out an entire bet, or you can chicken out a portion and leave some in.

How can I Chicken out of my bet?

Open up your Bet Slip and go to Your Bets. Any open bets that are available to chicken out will have a big yellow Chicken Out button attached to the card. Simply hit that button, select how much you want to take out. 

I tried to Chicken out but then it said PAUSED. What gives?

Just like any live market, chicken out will periodically pause and unpause. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the match is about to end. A pause usually only lasts a moment. If you hit a pause, just wait a moment and it should open up again. 

Can I Chicken Out a combo bet? 

Yes. If all the legs in your combo bet are available to chicken out, then you will be able to chicken out of your combo bet. 

Why do I not get my full stake back?

The amount you can chicken out is based on the value of the bet at the time of chickening out. If the team you bet on is losing, you will not be able to get your full stake back. On the other hand, if your team is winning, you will be able to take out your full stake and some winnings.

If I Chicken Out of a bet, does it still count towards bonus rollover?

Any funds you chicken will not count towards your bonus rollover. Any funds you leave in will still count towards your bonus rollover. 

Can I chicken out of a bet placed in bonus funds?

Sorry but no. You can only Chicken out of bets placed with cash. 

Can I chicken out to a different wallet then what I placed a bet with?

No. When you chicken out, any funds will be added to the wallet that the bet was placed with.