In a surprise move, Cloud9 removed tenz from their active roster less than four months after establishing their new lineup. A move which was justified by citing differences in approach to the game, the underperforming Canadian youngster was replaced by Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik on a trial basis.

Far from seventh heaven

A string of disappointing results in the wake of daps' appointment as IGL prompted a change in roster after an unexpectedly short amount of time. Recently, the North American side bombed out of ESL Pro League in last place, losing to eUnited and Complexity.

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Beyond the cited differences. tenz's individual showings were also disappointing despite daps' praise (the in-game leaded called him "a player that has ridiculous aim and mechanical skill, but he lacks a ton of experience" in a July interview with HLTV), posting -24 and -30 K/D stats across eight maps at the recent outings in ECS Season 8 and ESL Pro League Season 10. Subroza has previously played on CLG, Ghost and Lazarus and he will be joining Cloud9 on a trial basis. Only one player of the Boston-winning lineup is still playing for the side: that is Timothy "autimatic" Ta.

Photo credit: HLTV