Best CSGO Gambling Sites w/ Real Money & Skins

July 23, 2021

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Rivalry was created by fans for fans to offer a safe place to bet on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and more! The best part? No experience required. The Rivalry Academy is changing the online esports betting world by providing a comprehensive, free guide to help fans understand what betting and gambling are all about.

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Why Rivalry?

As long time esports fans, we yearned for a safe place to bet a few dollars on the matches we were already watching. With so many variables, so much skill, and millions of fans eager to get in on the action, we knew there was a need for a trusted, safe CS GO gambling site. Skins betting was an option but with all of the shady nonsense and hassles with cashing out, it became less and less appealing. By the time money actually hit our bank account, we'd have lost between 15 and 40% of the value. Not cool.

Rivalry Makes CS GO Gambling On Websites Safe & Secure.  

We wanted a 100% safe and secure platform for betting cash, complete with plenty of deposit options, fast payouts, and less nonsense with trading around and cashing out skins. And with that, was born. We are the newest name on the market and we are totally transforming CS:GO gambling online for fans around the world. Finally, there’s a professional, honest, and 100% legit bookmaker for fans from beginners to experts. Counter-strike fans no longer have to worry about their sports book going under, getting shut down, or simply refusing to pay.

  • Fully Licensed and Regulated: Rivalry Limited is fully regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. All debts are enforceable by law, so your money is 100% safe.
  • No Experience Necessary: Totally new to esports betting? Just want to throw a few bucks down on your favorite Counterstrike squad? No problem. We are a site built with the fans mind. Check out the Rivalry Academy and learn all of the insider tips to give yourself the best chance at winning some money. Our online betting school is one the first of its kind. We are thrilled to be able to introduce fans to CSGO gambling in a safe, responsible way.
  • Unrivaled Payment Options: Want to bet on esports but can’t figure out how to get money online? We offer a multitude of payment options and are constantly working to make it an easy, fast process for you. Come deposit with major debit cards, credit cards (Visa / MasterCard), Alipay, Neteller, Bitcoin, Skrill, Paysafecard, bank transfers and much more!
  • Major Action: The biggest names, the best matches, the most lucrative tournaments—they are all right here on With live matches streaming to tens of thousands of viewers, there is non-stop excitement on every game. Come join in on the fun!
  • Amazing Giveaways: Who doesn't like free items? We're always running giveaways to help get gaming gear and cash into the hands of Rivalry fans.
  • No Gimmicks. No Hidden Tricks: We were tired of eeports books that promised big things only to make us jump through hoops for our money. Withdrawal lockdowns, restrictions on withdrawals, forced bonus betting on crappy odds—shady books do it all. Not us. We hate catches. The free bets we offer are actually free. You don't even have to make a deposit!

Why Gamble With Real Money / Cash and not Skins?

Skins betting is thriving. It's more popular than ever. So why bet with cash instead? There are quite a few reasons:

  • Safer: CSGO betting with real money requires regulation. Governing bodies mandate we follow best practices, assuring your money is safe. With skins, you never know who is behind the scenes or how long they will be in business. Maybe you get paid out. Or maybe they close down and run with your items. It's risky. With governments and financial systems backing Rivalry, you can gamble and bet without any concerns.
  • Money Won’t be Made Illegal: Governments around the world are stepping in as we speak to regulate skins gambling. The future of skins is unknown. Money, on the other hand, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Easier and More Convenient for You: You won some skins? Great! Now have fun bringing it to a marketplace, converting it to cash, and then getting that cash into your hands. By the time you get through the process, you'll be eaten alive by fees. By using real money, you can easily deposit, withdraw quickly and seamlessly, and not have to worry about getting crushed by fees.

CS:GO is without a doubt the best and most exciting game for savvy esports bettors online. Watching matches is entertaining but with some money on the line, your experience will be absolutely epic. If you can apply your experience and knowledge, you might be able to not only root your team on to a victory, but walk away with profits!

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