In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, everything revolves around guns. If a team can afford to buy the best guns while the other cannot, the round is usually won by the better-equipped side. This is one of the key aspects to keep in mind when betting on the game. But what options are available and which are the best CS:GO guns? In this guide, you will learn more about the topic.

Key Aspects of CS:GO Guns

CS:GO puts more than 30 guns at your disposal. But you’ll only use a small number of them in competitive play. When buying a gun in Counter Strike, there are 6 things that you should keep in mind:

Gun Price

In CS:GO, much is decided by how much money you have ahead of each round. That money needs to be put to use in the most optimal way possible and you have to consider how much of it is worth spending to attain your goal for that round. If your team has plenty of cash and you decide to try to win the round, then you should definitely invest in a great weapon, as well as kevlar and grenades.

The problem arises when your money is limited, and your team decides to force-buy. In this type of scenario, you will need to carefully consider the price of the gun that you buy, as well as the price of the other equipment that you may need. Without kevlar and grenades, even the best gun may be ineffective. Because you won’t get to aim it at your opponents.

CS:GO guns range from cheap (such as a $300 pistol) to expensive (such as a $4750 AWP). Needless to say, the more expensive ones tend to be better, up to a certain point (~$3000). The best and most used CS:GO guns cost $2700, $3100, and $4750 respectively. They are the AK-47, the M4A4, and the AWP.

Gun Accuracy

Accuracy is another important aspect of CS:GO guns. Some guns, such as the MP9, are very good at close range. While others, such as the AWP, are very good at long range. With an AWP, it doesn’t matter how far the target is. In fact, the farther it is, the bigger your advantage. But if you’re armed with an MP9, at long range your disadvantage is severe because you’ll struggle to hit your opponents with it.

The best guns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are those that are highly effective at all ranges. That’s why people love the AK-47. You can use it in every circumstance, and it will work great.

Gun Damage

Another thing to consider when choosing your CS:GO guns is damage. Some guns, such as the AK-47, are amazing if you know how to aim properly. Because they kill with one headshot from any range even if the enemy has kevlar. Other weapons do less damage but shoot more bullets per second and have better accuracy during longer sprays.

Most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros prefer high-damage guns because at the highest competitive level, accuracy is not an issue. People know how to shoot properly and can do it even at long ranges. What makes the difference is the reaction time and the number of bullets required to kill an opponent. So a weapon that kills with one headshot will be preferred to one that kills with two headshots. That’s why you’ll often see Counter-Terrorists swap their M4A4 with an AK-47 whenever they can, even though the M4A4 costs $3100 while the AK-47 costs just $2700.

Your Role

If you compete in the Silver division, you probably won’t think very much about the role that you’re supposed to play within your team. But in the top ranks, such as Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme Master First Class, or The Global Elite, team members are expected to play a certain role such as Lurker or AWP. And based on the role you need to fulfill; some weapons are simply better than others.

If you need to do well from far away, you should buy a weapon that works well under those conditions. But if you’re expected to scout the enemy team and fight at close range, your weapon choice should be different.

Your Team’s Strategy

Your team will not always buy. In fact, there will be many rounds when the IGL decides to play with nothing but pistols. If you don’t pay attention to what your team is doing, you may find yourself making some really bad decisions.

Keep in mind that CS:GO is a team game. You cannot win alone against 5 enemy players. If you’re the only one who’s buying a gun in a given round, your team’s chance of success in that round is low and your chance of dying is high as a result. Therefore, you are highly likely to lose the gun you’ve invested in, as well as the round. And next round, when your teammates may have enough money to buy everything they need, you’ll be out of money. This will result in a situation in which your team will practically need to play 4 vs 5, because your contribution will be minimal if you can’t afford to buy kevlar, grenades, and a proper gun.

So, make sure you synchronize with your teammates. Communicate with them at all times and ask yourself what is required of you. Sometimes you’ll have to buy even if you don’t want to. And other times you’ll have to save even if you don’t want to. In some rounds, you may be asked to drop your gun to a better player and just use a pistol. If you’re not prepared to be a team player, you are likely to lose more games as a result.

Your Expertise

Expertise is a key aspect to keep in mind when buying CS:GO guns. If you’re used to playing as an AWPer, then you should buy that weapon whenever you have the opportunity, and the situation allows it. Don’t just buy an AK-47 or an M4A4 if your experience with other strong weapons is far greater.

Of course, every good CS: GO player needs to know how to play with more than one weapon. But each person masters some weapons more than others. You might have a great aim with the Desert Eagle. If that’s the case, consider using this weapon when appropriate or necessary instead of a different one.

CS:GO Gun List

Here’s a list of all the CS:GO guns with their prices and kill rewards.


·       USP: $200 / $300

·       P2000: $200 / $300

·       Glock-18: $200 / $300

·       Dual Berettas: $300 / $300

·       P250: $300 / $300

·       Five-SeveN: $500 / $300

·       Tec-9: $500 / $300

·       CZ75-Auto: $500 / $100

·       Desert Eagle: $700 / $300

·       R8 Revolver: $600 / $300


·       MP9: $1250 / $600

·       MAC-10: $1050 / $600

·       MP7: $1500 / $600

·       UMP-45: $1200 / $600

·       P90: $2350 / $300

·       PP-Bizon: $1400 / $600

·       MP5-SD: $1500 / $600


·       FAMAS: $2050 / $300

·       Galil AR: $1800 / $300

·       M4A4: $3100 / $300

·       M4A1: $2900 / $300

·       AK-47: $2700 / $300

·       SG 553: $3000 / $300

·       SSG 08: $1700 / $300

·       AUG: $3300 / $300

·       AWP: $4750 / $100

·       SCAR-20: $5000 / $300

·       G3SG1: $5000 / $300


·       Nova: $1200 / $900

·       XM1014: $2200 / $900

·       Sawed-Off: $1200 / $900

·       MAG-7: $1800 / $900

·       M249: $5200 / $300

·       Negev: $5700 / $300

Useful CS:GO Gun Commands

Here are some of the most useful CS:GO gun commands that you may want to use.

How to Change Your Gun Position in CS:GO

Simply go to Game Settings, set the Enable Developer Console option to Yes, open the console, and type this command: cl_righthand 0.

CS:GO Drop Gun Command

If you want to drop your weapon in CS:GO, simply press G. You can modify this key to another one by going to Game Settings -> Keyboard/Mouse -> Weapon Keys and then search for the Drop Weapon setting.

Other Useful Commands

·       Fire: Mouse1 (left-click)

·       Secondary Fire: Mouse2 (right-click)

·       Reload: R

·       Select Previous Weapon: Mouse Wheel Up

·       Select Next Weapon: Mouse Wheel Down

·       Buy Menu: B

·       Autobuy: F3

·       Rebuy: F4

·       Primary Weapon: 1

·       Secondary Weapon: 2

·       Melee Weapons: 3

The keys of all of these commands can be from Game Settings -> Keyboard/Mouse –> Weapon Keys.

CS:GO Weapon Skins

CS:GO skins are in-game cosmetics that make your weapons look cooler. However, they do not enhance their capabilities in any way. Their only benefit is a visual one. And they’re quite nice because they make your visual experience of the game customizable.

CS:GO skins are extremely diverse and their price can range from cents to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on rarity, quality, and other factors.

CS:GO guns FAQs

These are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CS:GO guns.

What is the best CS:GO gun for beginners?

As a beginner, you should always buy (if you can afford them, of course) one of these guns: AK-47 (T-side) or M4A4 (CT-side). They are by far the most used guns in CS:GO, so you’ll want to learn how to play with them right away.

What is the most expensive CS:GO gun skin?

The Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem. Its cost is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. The exact price depends on the market and how much people are willing to pay for it. But you can expect it to cost above $150,000. Other expensive skins include the AWP Dragon Lore and the AK-47 Fire Serpent.