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April 18th, 2020

It can be difficult in these trying times to figure out where to invest your hard-earned fandom savings, especially if you’re interested in the entirely fictional world of CS:GO team investments. Who should you become emotionally invested in based on what we know after Pro League? Well, we are here to help to figure this one out for you.

The big movers and shakers

fnatic csgo stonks

Though many were sceptical of the notion that Golden’s first stint as the CEO was hamstrung by internal corporate pushback, the results are impossible to argue. With such a visionary leader at the helm, Fnatic’s stock are good value even after this price hike.

astralis csgo stonks

The Danes are no longer ahead on the innovation curve the way they were in 2018, but their highly anticipated boardroom expansion with es3tag still has us curious. It’s either going to be a dud or a revolution, no two ways about it.

faze clan csgo stonks

Whisper it, but this motley crew of superstars might actually be finding a shape nowadays – and with the SG’s nerf, the one who stands to benefit the most is the player who wasn’t willing to use it in the first place. With NiKo in red-hot form as of late, he could very well have the opportunity to finally make meaningful investment decisions beyond just increasing his own bonuses, which may very well propel them forward for the first time in ages.

mouz csgo stonks

There’s also the team who went with the IGL instead of the star, and it goes to show how much a well-supported CEO can add to a project. Synergy is the name of the game in the business world, and the lean, almost startup-like approach with freshly graduated youngsters picked up on the cheap makes mouz (or houz) extremely competitive in the market.

navi csgo stonks

As s1mple as it may seem to rely on the Steve Jobs of Counter-Strike, it turns out that you can’t overlook support and logistics either. Just like how Apple ended up moving most of its manufacturing jobs to China, maybe Na’Vi could also achieve more consistent results by taking over TYLOO and bringing the world’s best player over on top of it.

ence csgo stonks

Their performances are beyond memes at this point.

vitality csgo stonks

It’s another case of an otherwise well-functioning company scrambling to replace their CEO, relying even harder on their most successful branch to carry the rest. With the competition catching up, this is no longer enough to achieve market-leading results.

nip csgo stonks

To think they would have topped their group if they only managed to beat ENCE. Instead, they failed to even reach Stage 2 of the Pro League. What will become of this brand after the disappearance of their legendary executives? What will ‘a Ninja’ be in the eyes of fans in a few years? Probably something Fortnite-related. Only time will tell.

team liquid csgo stonks

Good? Sure. Good enough for blue chip status? Probably not. Though the latest stock moves were not yet priced in on the HLTV index, the company has indeed fallen out of the Forbes top 5, and much like their Danish counterparts, seem to struggle to return to their previous heights.

eg csgo stonks

Though it was no secret that the relationship between certain executives was absolutely horrendous, and the current pandemic-related disruptions make it difficult to ascertain their new corporate setup. Though their recent results were definitely acceptable, it’s tough to price in any potential improvements.

Further stock changes

vp csgo stonks
og csgo stonks
mibr csgo stonks
furia csgo stonks
complexity csgo stonks
g2 csgo stonks

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