Playing Counter-Strike is a lot like running a mafia family, which is why we’ve enlisted notable experts Vito_1337 and BarziniSucksLOL to share their wisdom with us about the similarities of one of the world’s best movies and the CS:GO matchmaking scene and the life lessons that apply to both.

1) Make your teammates an offer they can't refuse

Communicate well, cover their rotations, drop guns when they don’t have the money, and if they’re still raging, leave a severed horse head in their inventory.

2) Don't stay too close to the bomb

It’s hazardous to your health.

3) SMGs are very effective if you can surprise your opponent

Bonus points if they’re totally tilted by how you won the last round.

4) Check your corners or you risk getting knifed

Or at least make sure you accept a handshake when it’s offered to you. Especially when you’re undercover!

5) Go for headshots

I mean, throatshots are cool and all, but go for the guaranteed thing! You won’t always have the time for that second shot.

6) Get the ace and you’re guaranteed* to win the round!

*except when you’re playing as CT and they’ve already planted the bomb, but in that case, rule #2 applies