Full resolution (2160x3840) can be found [HERE]

While we all sit and salivate over the Immortal III chest release, we wanted to take a moment to look back and enjoy the Collector’s Cache, specifically the Legends of the Darkheart Pursuit! Originally titled “Endless Nightmare” - this set certainly incentivised us to pump up that prize pool with a few extra chest purchases! The set underwent some changes between the workshop submission and the final product, so we did an update of our own!

Thanks to a wonderful artist suggestion from Sheever, we had this new wallpaper made by Zhang Tianyu. You can download it in full resolution using the link above. Zhang also gave us a sneak peek into his artistic process with this speed art video to show how to whole piece came together.

This set was submitted to the workshop two years ago, which proves that impressive work can and will be recognized, even if it takes some time (something our interview with Anuxinamoon highlighted). So we also wanted to give a huge shout out all the incredibly talented workshop artists for their patience and perseverance in creating these amazing cosmetics. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Along with hoping for at least one rare in our Immortal III chests….