Timothy John "Tims" Randrup, aka Tims, is one of the world’s best position 4 players and is a player for BOOM Esports. He is best known for his cheerful and humorous personality on and off stage, as experienced by Indonesia’s young team.

In their busy days, a professional player's schedule is mostly packed with training and skirmishes, depending on the season. On his off-days, however, how does his day run? Let’s take a quick look at Tims's daily life, so read along!

Daily Activities: Sofa > Bed

After waking up from the sofa at 9 or 10 am, he usually starts his day with a shower and breakfast. That's right, Tims usually would sleep on the couch rather than the bed, or if they have an exercise day, he usually does it first.

While waiting for the skirmish, he would usually play some PUBG as he loves to play shooting games like CS:GO, watch some replays or catch up with streaming/Netflix series and some Youtube videos, basically playing with his phone before beginning the training sessions, meetings, and laning practice, at 1 PM. He would also watch other support player clips to get some idea of how they play.

Tims’s Food Habits

Other than playing games and Dota 2, Tims is also known for his interest and appetite in food or the food industry by itself. He stated that he would open his own food business after retiring from the pro scene.

As an egg-o-holic, he was determined to open a big restaurant with a wide variety of “egg” menus, ranging from soupy curries to flavorful heaps of rice to double-decker egg panini. I guess it would take a whole lot of eggs to support the” Hungry Beast”.

Training and Skirmish Sessions

Being a pro player, an egg-o-holic, and essentially the team supporter, Tims's schedule must be quite tight than others, especially considering Dota 2 is the most stressful game in Southeast Asia. Playing in a region with virtually no support makes the stress double in amount!

Though constantly having to deal with a packed and strict schedule from Mushi, Tims is finding ways to bond with the team and make sure BOOM Esports gets his 101℅ in every game he plays.

Currently, they mainly scrimmage with some SEA and China teams. While waiting for the Visa for Arlington Major, where we'll see more of Tims action in ESL One Malaysia Closed Qualifier, and hopefully, ESL One Malaysia itself.

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