Dreamhack Open Tours 2018 CS:GO Teams

The next stop on the Dreamhack Open circuit is Tours, France, where eight teams will battle it out for the lion's share of $100,000. The event features some top tier talent, and will provide an exciting insight into the current standings of the CS:GO professional scene. Read on to get the low down on the teams attending Dreamhack Open Tours, and all the tournament format details.

In short:

  • Eight teams in attendance
  • 19th-21st May
  • Two-group format
  • Tours Exhibition Center, France

Whilst the top brass of Counter Strike are currently attending the ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas, Dreamhack Open Tours features a number of strong teams, and promises fascinating CS.

The teams achieved qualification for the event in two ways. Six teams received direct invites, and two made it through the qualification system; one from North America, and one from Europe.

The eight teams in attendance have been split into two groups:

Group A:

Group B:









The format of Dreamhack Open Tours

When betting on CS:GO, having a strong understanding of the event format is crucial. Is the Grand Final a Bo3 or a Bo5? Does the qualification stage use a Swiss System? The format of an event has a significant effect on results, and as a bettor, you need to be in the know. Thankfully, we’ve done all the research for you!

Dreamhack Open Tours uses a two-group GSL system. The initial matches and resultant winners matches played on Saturday, May 19th, are all Bo1’s. Following this, the event moves to a Bo3 system on Sunday, May 20th, where the elimination and Group decider matches will be played. On Monday, May 21st, both semi-finals and the grand final will be played, with these are both Bo3’s.

The upset potential of a best-of-one match is something bettors need to consider. Over a single match, underdog teams are able to overturn their opponents if certain conditions are met. They may win both pistol rounds, they may be on a favourable map pick, or simply they are just playing at peak performance. However, in a Bo3 scenario, the potential of a series upset is reduced. The best team in the world may slip up and drop a map once, but the chances of them doing it twice are slim. Think of it as a season; the top teams will always drop one or two matches over the course of the season, but in the end, they will emerge victorious if they are truly the better team.

Another factor to consider is the recent addition of Dust2 into the competitive map pool. Recent LAN results show that teams who are able to comfortably pick Dust2 have founds an advantage over their competitors. This is due to teams being uncomfortable on the map and having to use up one of their bans, which leaves their other weaker map picks open to be selected.

Who are the favourites to lift the trophy in France? Dreamhack Open Tours betting

Gambit are heading to France off the back of some strong online form. They found their stride against mousesports in ECS Season 5, where they managed two close wins (16-14, 19-17). The CIS roster are lightly tested, having not played on LAN since Dreamhack Masters Marseille back in April where they managed to 2-0 both Cloud9 and Team Liquid, before falling to Na’Vi. The roster combines the experience of AdreN and Dosia, with the firepower of mou and Hobbit, and when on form, crazy things can happen (such as winning a major in Kraków!). Gambit are up against the only North American side in attendance, Torqued, in their opening match, and are strong favourites for victory (1.27).

GODSENT are looking much improved. The team has found some consistency, and recent online results show that they are capable of competing with the best. They went 1-1 against both FaZe and fnatic in ECS Season 5, and have strong recent Bo3 victories over AGO, Virtus.pro, and Imperial. The Swedish roster are all about firepower, and the raw ability of twist and freddieb is often enough to overwhelm their opponents. They are capable of lifting the trophy in France, and face Polish side AGO first (1.55).

Who has the potential to cause some upsets?

HellRaisers can never be ruled out. The CIS mix team are always ready to pounce if their opponents don’t show the due respect they deserve. Their online form has been reasonable, with recent map wins over North, LDLC and G2, and they are certainly capable of a top-four finish here. They open up against hometown representatives Team EnVyUs, a side who have been in rotten recent form. They’ll be looking to raise hell in France, and are available at 1.41 to win their first match.

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